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Affine is the next-generation collaborative knowledge base for professionals.
AFFiNE main ui

It's not just a collection of Docs, whiteboard, and tables.

Transform any building block as you like.

Say goodbye to redundancy. Store your data once, and keep your data as you like it.

  • Shape Your Page
  • Plan Your Task

Shape Your Page

Docs, Kanbans, and Databases are all fully functional anywhere, anytime. A truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get environment for your data.

All pages come with a document (Paper Mode) and whiteboard (Edgeless Mode) view.

AFFiNE Shape Your Page
AFFiNE Plan Your Task

Plan Your Task

No more chaos managing multiple views.

Set a TODO with Markdown, and seamlessly edit it within a Kanban.

Managing multi-dimensional tables should be this simple - and now it is.

Privacy-first, and collaborative. No compromises whatsoever.

We don't like being locked-in, and neither should you. Privacy is at the foundation of everything we do, but it should not limit us that's why there are no compromises.

Your data is yours;it is always locally stored and secured - available to you always. While still being able to enjoy collaboration features such as real-time editing and sharing with others, without any cloud setup.

AFFiNE Privacy-first, and collaborative

Build for an open and semantic future

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