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One hyper-fused platform for wildly creative minds

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Trusted by people from next-gen startups to established organisations
Consolidate your workflow with ease on a hyper-fused platform
Say goodbye to the hassle of switchover
Tired of switching between Notion, Miro, and Monday to meet your complex needs?
Unleash your Wild creativity with AFFiNE
Your all-in-one KnowledgeOS solution for effortlessly writing, drawing, and planning on a hyper-fused platform.
Privacy-focused, local-first
You are in charge of your own data.
Your way to better productivity
Build up your content like blocks and let your ideas run wild Start with an empty space and show the blocks appearing, stacking up, and forming the building.
Draw and visualise with ease and creativity
Visualise your creativity with others. No constraints, limited only by your imagination
Plan track and collaborate
Stay on top of your workload and achieve more in less time.
AFFiNE builds everything in public
New features you can look forward
Official Client
Cloud Service
AFFiNE Copilot
Official Client
  1. Full offline support with Markdown
  2. Desktop Client for Windows, macOS, Linux
Cloud Service
  1. Seamless syncing, access your notes wherever and whenever you want
  2. Ability to collaborate and share notes effortlessly
AFFiNE Copilot
  1. Automation process to improve work efficiency
  2. Brainstorm ideas to enhance productivity
  3. Content search & formatting to prompt content organisation

Our code is open source

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User Stories
AFFiNE is an exceptional project that elevates note-making to a whole new level. I am highly impressed by the number of features that it brings to the table. Having tried several other open-source note-making software, I can confidently say that AFFiNE is the best.
Really impressed with how AFFiNE is able to streamline our team's workflow and improve productivity. Switch between different modes to write, draw, and plan all in one place and with data security which we are most concerned about. It makes everything easy.
Dan Charles
CEO - The Keyman Group
AFFiNE is by far the best open-source community I’ve come across. Open, inclusive and user-first. At the same time, AFFiNE is also a great product. Being open source means more possibilities and more exciting things can be created.
Front-end development engineer
I've been looking for an open-source note-taking solution for ages now and AFFiNE is the first to support all the features I need -- and it even manages to do this while being absolutely beautiful! AFFiNE is very feature rich and the synchronization is also awesome.
Extremely impressed with the quality and capabilities of AFFiNE, particularly its simple and intuitive interface. The attention to detail that has been put into every aspect of the product, from its design to its functionality, is truly exceptional. The product's innovative features and capabilities are sure to make a significant impact in the industry, providing customers with a seamless and user-friendly experience.
Product manager of the TATDOD Space
One feature I particularly appreciate is the ability to seamlessly switch from typing to handwriting, adding a touch of elegance and versatility to my work.
Student from KCL
I'm thrilled with how effortless it was to set up workspaces, arrange pages, and collaborate with my team members in real-time. AFFiNE just makes everything easy, streamlines our workflow and boosts our productivity.
Project manager of Tiktok
AFFiNE is an open source that is close to its community and filled with useful features. I use edgeless mode to connect all my knowledge to a single page.

Built with BlockSuite and OctoBase

The collaborative engine for block-based editing:

Unified data model & block schema
Compact UI infra built-in
Extensible and reusable

The self-contained collaborative database:

Local-first Distributed storage
Frontend-centric developer experience
Real-time Sync with ORM for multiple database providers

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AFFiNE is an #OpenSource software, built with BlockSuite and OctoBase