AFFiNE AI - Your AI partner that helps you write, draw & present better | Product Hunt
Your AI Partner Helps You Better
Write, Draw and Present.
Write Better
Get insight, perfect tone, summarize content, and more - all in seconds.
Draw Faster
Turn your ideas into images, Mind-maps for easy, impactful communication.
Present Smarter
Generate ready-to-use presentations, one prompt at a time.
What AFFiNE AI Can Do:
AI with Database / Workspace will be available soon.
Question & Answers
Get Started with AFFiNE AI
Turn all your ideas into reality
A true multimodal AI copilot.
Write with you
Create quality content from sentences to articles on topics you need
Rewrite like the professionals
Change the tones / fix spelling & grammar
Draw with you
Visualize your mind, magically
Turn your outline into beautiful, engaging presentations(Beta)
Summarize your content into structured mind-maps
Plan with you
Memorize and tidy up your knowledge
Auto-sorting and auto-tagging (Coming soon)
Privacy ensured