Download the AFFiNE Client allows you to experience the full power of AFFiNE.
You can try our live demo
Updated almost daily
The cutting-edge version with the latest features and ideas. Lots of testing and not all features may be fully developed to release.
for Linux
Updated every two weeks
The right version if you are looking to test and provide feedback on some of our upcoming features and help us check for bugs.
It incorporates improvements from the Canary Version.
for Linux
The most reliable and well-tested version, perfect for users who want a smooth and consistent experience without worrying about crashes or glitches.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Mobile apps are still in development, but we hope to have them available real soon.
Why download?
  • Navigate your workspaces like never before
  • Revolutionise your organisation with the power of databases
  • Get creative in Edgeless and unleash your imagination
  • Full control over where and how you store your data

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AFFiNE is an #OpenSource software, built with BlockSuite and OctoBase