To Shape, not to adapt.
Deliver Building Blocks for Future SaaS Applications.
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General contact (including resume): [email protected]

Team Member
Founder & Co-Founders
Jiachen He | Founder & Product Owner
The PM and CEO guy.
Chi Zhang | Co-founder & Head of Engineering
He builds AFFiNE with great engineers.
Yipei Wei | Co-founder & Head of Community Support
She talks to people so that AFFiNE is something people want.
Yifeng Wang | Co-founder & Chief Architect
He ensures AFFiNE is built with the proper technology.
Xiang Wang | Chief AI Scientist
Making everyone's life easier by embracing the power of AI.
Architectural Developers
Xiaodong Zuo | Architecture Engineer
Wenhao Tan | Architecture Engineer
Xinglong Wang | Architecture Engineer
Alex Yang | Architecture Engineer
Xiao Pengfei | Architecture Engineer
Xiao Peng | Architecture Engineer
Engineering Team
Cankun You | Full-stack Engineer
Shaoxuan Qi | Full-stack Engineer
Xiaotian Ma | Full-stack Engineer
Haoxin Shang | Full-stack Engineer
Yang Jinfei | Full-stack Engineer
Community Team
Christopher Smolak | Operations Specialist
Yang Peng | Community Operator & Data Analyst
Product Team
Qiao Hou | Product Architect
Haifang Li | Director UI/UX
Shiwen Shen | UX Designer
Guozhu Liu | Head of Product Design
The Philosophy of AFFiNE
People need better building blocks for future applications. And it should not be so hard to develop collaborative, transferable, smart spreadsheets or block editors.
Timothy Berners-Lee once taught us about the idea of the semantic web, where all the data can be interpreted in any form while the "truth" is kept. This gives our best image of an ideal knowledge base by far, that sorting of information, planning of project and goals as well as creating of knowledge can be all together.
We have witnessed waves of paradigm shift so many times. At first, everything was noted on office-like apps or DSL like LaTeX, then we found todo-list apps and WYSIWYG markdown editors better for writing and planning.
Finally, here comes Notion and Miro, who take advantage of the idea of blocks to further liberate our creativity. It is all perfect... without waste operations and redundant information. And, we insist that privacy first should always be given by default. That's why we are making AFFiNE.
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AFFiNE is an #OpenSource software, built with BlockSuite
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