Deliver Building Blocks for Future SaaS Applications.
Do contact us if you
  • Want to know more about AFFiNE as a collaborative knowledge base;
  • Want to join us;
  • Want to build your own block-based applications.
As an open-source project that values community engagement AFFiNE looks to work closely with its collaborators - that's why we started the AFFiNE Core Community Contributor program and also offer internship opportunities. If you're interested in contributing to AFFiNE, do visit our GitHub and feel free to get stuck in. If you want to be more involved and have access to our team and industry experts, you may express your interest via the form below to apply for a paid internship position.
Team Members
Enther/Jiachen He
Founder & Product Owner
The PM and CEO guy of AFFiNE.
Brooooooklyn/Yinan Long
Partner & CTO
Enable real-time web applications to run locally. Make distributed data connected synchronously. Leader of OctoBase.
Iris/Yipei Wei
Co-founder & Head of Community Support
She talks to people so that AFFiNE is something people want.
Ewind/Yifeng Wang
Co-founder & Chief Architect
He ensures AFFiNE is built with the proper technology. Leader of BlockSuite and Developer Relationship.
Huaqiao Li
Architecture Engineer
Leader of AFFiNE engineering.
Darksky Tan
Architecture Engineer
Mirone Saul
Architecture Engineer
Xiao Peng
Architecture Engineer
Yi Liu
Architecture Engineer
Zijian Zuo
Architecture Engineer
Regis Chen
R&D Engineer
Hongtao lye
R&D Engineer
Xiang Gao
R&D Engineer
R&D Engineer
Cats Juice
R&D Engineer
Christopher Smolak
Operation Director, Community and Growth
Yang Peng
Operation Director, SEO and Data
Joe Hou
Product Architect
Product Designer
UX Designer
Product Designer

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