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10 Best Flowchart Software Tools of 2024 (Features & Pricing)

Yiyang Zhang
Yuhang Zhao (Zoey)

Are you tired of trying to visualize complex processes and systems?

Do you find yourself getting lost in a sea of tangled information?

Are you a business professional, designer, or simply someone who wants to organize thoughts visually but encounters the chaos of projects?

Fret no more! Flowchart software is here to rescue you from the chaos and bring clarity to your projects. In this article, we will explore the world of flowchart software and unveil the top 10 options for 2024. We'll dive into their features, pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the best one for your needs. So let's get started on this exciting journey towards simplifying complexity with flowchart software!

What is a Flowchart

Flowchart is a visual representation of a process, used widely across various industries for problem-solving, decision-making and documenting workflows. It provides a clear and concise overview of complex processes making it easier to analyze and communicate with others. Think of it as a roadmap that guides you from start to finish, allowing you to understand the logical sequence and dependencies between different elements and helping you streamline processes efficiently and effectively!

What Makes a Good Flowchart Software

Let's dive into the key features and qualities that set apart the top flowchart software options in 2024.


  • Be user-friendly and intuitive. It should offer a simple drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for users to create and edit their flowcharts without any technical expertise or coding skills.

  • Offer versatility. A good flowchart software should support various types of diagrams, including mind maps, swimlane sequence diagrams, linear graphs and way beyond just basic flowcharts.

  • Provide collaboration capabilities. The best flowchart software will offer real-time collaboration tools that allow multiple team members to work together on a diagram simultaneously.

  • Integrate well with other tools. A good flowchart software should seamlessly integrate well with popular platforms. This integration could include popular project management software, cloud storage services, and communication platforms.

Best 10 Flowchart Softwares of 2024 You Need

When it comes to creating flowcharts, having the right software can make a world of difference. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 10 flowchart software of 2024 that you need to know about!



With AFFiNE, professionals have access to a unified platform for knowledge base planning, organisation, and content development. This flexible tool allows users to create their flowcharts as well as set up their goals, all while staying in sync and constructing content with blocks. The limitless workspace allows for user-driven innovation. The benefits of AFFiNE include safe data storage, open-source benefits, and collaborative functionality. Those looking for a fresh take on knowledge management will find its comprehensive approach to be a compelling option.

Key features:

  • Edgeless Mode: Our exciting Edgeless Mode, including a redesigned toolbar, eraser, connector, block slicer, integrated canvas text and copy as PNG, etc. Get ready to unlock new levels of productivity and immerse yourself in a seamless and efficient workflow.

    • Simplified Flowcharts and Mind Maps: Gone are the days of manually shaping every element in your edgeless mode mind maps or flowcharts and linking them together.


  • Tailor Your Workflow: To elevate your flowchart experience, we offer shape customization options, including colours and styles. Click to create a new shape, and watch it harmonize seamlessly with the previous one, giving you a cohesive toolkit to play with.


  • AFFiNE Cloud: With AFFiNE Cloud, you can invite your family and friends to collaborate in real-time within a shared workspace. This feature makes your habit of tracking work smoother and more efficient.

    • Remote Selection for Collaboration: Now, you can choose and work with content from afar, ensuring smoother collaboration.


  • Kanban: With our new Kanban feature, it's as simple as a single click to transform your blocks into a Kanban view. Now you can effortlessly start using AFFiNE as your ultimate to-do list manager.

    • Properties Editing: To enhance your interaction, we've introduced a dedicated panel for Kanban editing. Here, you have the freedom to edit properties at your convenience, enriching your Kanban experience.


Pricing: FREE



SmartDraw is a powerful flowchart software tool for businesses that need to make a lot of visual assets. Aside from flowcharts and schematics, SmartDraw has powerful customization and collaboration options, so drafting these designs is a breeze. With SmartDraw, you can create over 70 types of diagrams, from flowcharts to schematics.K

ey features:

  • Huge selection of templates and objects

  • Helpful Smart Panel feature

  • Create diagrams straight from data with built-in extensions

Pros of SmartDraw

  • Good integration options

  • Easy to use

  • Powerful engine allows for professional charts and diagrams

Cons of SmartDraw

  • Weak collaboration features.

  • Expensive.

  • Can't export to Visio format.

Pricing: $9.95/month after a free trial

3.Microsoft Visio


Microsoft Visio is an excellent software for creating flow charts on Windows. It has three products: Visio Online, Visio Standard, and Visio Professional. With Microsoft Visio, you can quickly and easily create flow charts, organizational charts, network diagrams, floor plans, engineering designs, etc. It even includes templates to help you get started. You can also customize shapes and add your own text labels or images to make the perfect diagram.

Key features:

  • Provide modern shapes and templates.

  • Allow collaboration with the team.

  • Visio online will help you to work from anywhere.

Pros of Microsoft Visio

  • Powerful & easy to use

  • Huge library of templates and objects

  • Wide array of export formats

Cons of Microsoft Visio

  • Confusing purchasing process.

  • Limited collaboration capabilities.

  • Clunky and cluttered.

Pricing: Online Plan 1 ($5 per user per month) and Online Plan2 ($14.96 per user per month)



Miro embraces more than 1,000 templates, including mind maps, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, product wireframes, research boards, and flowcharts. More than 99% of Fortune 100 companies use it, including TransUnion, HP, Upwork, Cisco, Qlik, and Atkins. With Miro Academy, online events, and a community forum, it has robust resources for continuous learning.

Key features:

  • Provide real-time collaborative drawing

  • Built-in comments, video, chat, and seamless communication

  • Unlimited team workspaces with granular permissions, privacy & sharing controls

Pros of Miro

  • Easy to build smart-looking flowcharts and mind maps

  • Simple to collaborate with teammates

  • Intuitive UI

Cons of Miro

  • Hard to import or export content from time to time

  • Difficult to navigate large accounts can quickly

Pricing: $8/month per user for starter; $16/month per user for business



Lucidchart is an intelligent diagramming application that empowers teams to clarify complexity, align their insights, and build the future—faster. With this intuitive, cloud-based solution, everyone can work visually and collaborate in real time while building flowcharts, mockups, UML diagrams, and more.

Key features:

  1. Intelligent diagramming

  2. 1,000+ templates

  3. Ability to share outside of Google Docs

Pros of Lucidchart

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Smooth performance on all tested platforms

  • Adequate shapes and templates

Cons of Lucidchart

  • No desktop apps

  • Quite limiting free account

  • Mobile apps don't have offline mode

Pricing: $4.95 per month for basic plan; $9.95 per month for pro plan



Canva is an online tool for graphic designing that can be used for layout designing, sharing, presentations, and printing business cards, logos, and flowcharts. It is available on Android devices, tablets, iPhones, and iPads. Canva’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes creating beautiful designs from templates quick and easy. Plus, its large library of illustrations and icons make customizing your design easy.

Key features:

  • It has more than 50000 templates.

  • You can create different types of graphs and charts.

  • It has features for photo editing.

Pros of Canva

  • Ideal for various visual project

  • Lots of well-designed templates

Cons of Canva

  • Not as intuitive as other purpose-built flowchart makers

  • Slow to load and difficult to keep organized

Pricing: $12.99/month per user for pro plan; $14.99/ month per user for team plan



ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform that teams of all sizes and across industries rely on to manage projects, create complex flowcharts, and optimize their processes with the entire team. With ClickUp’s Mind Maps feature, you have everything you need to make smart, collaborative, and good-looking flowcharts in minutes.

Key features:

  • Task Creation and Assignment

  • Effortless Workflow Updates

  • Real-time Communication

Pros of ClickUp

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Versatile & customize

  • Multiple templates that can makes flowcharts, mind maps and more

Cons of ClickUp

  • Learning curving

  • Limited functionality

Pricing: Unlimited: $7/month per user; Business: $12/month per user



Creately is a data-connected visual workspace where you can plan and brainstorm new projects. The software is built to help you make flowcharts quickly and easily. To begin with, they have an extensive library of templates ranging across industries and topics, so it is simple to find an example that fits your needs.

Key features:

  • Huge library of shapes. Also, allow choose the shape from Icon Finder or Google.

  • Automatically pick the right connector.

  • Create complex shapes from the written text.

Pros of Creatly

  • Support real-time collaboration.

  • Offer Web and desktop apps.

Cons of Creatly

  • Limited template selection.

  • Cancelling or changing an account requires an email to the company.

Pricing: $5 per month for individuals; Team plans are based on the team size (5 users: $25/month, 10 Users: $45/month, and 25 Users: $75/month)



Nulab's Cacoo is an online diagramming tool that allows you to collaborate on wireframes, flowcharts, and more. With easy sharing links and embed links, you can edit, track changes, and collaborate on flowcharts you designed and updated. With Cacoo, you can organize team assets, save work directly, monitor project status with activity notifications, and more.

Key features:

  • Multiple people can edit diagrams at the same time.

  • Support chat, comment or video chat inside the tool.

  • It has hundreds of templates to get you started.

Pros of Cacoo

  • Smart and modern charts

  • A wide range of cloud services

  • Team management keep charts organized at the team-level

Cons of Cacoo

  • Learning curve

  • Not enough integrations

Pricing: $6 per user per month

8Jgad9bwtPLzn0Rod2NgoN5dCevengqcsoemeHxkWH8= can be used instantly to build charts since it's online (though it can be used offline as well). With drag-and-drop functionality, a library of shapes, plenty of templates, importing/exporting a variety of formats, and more, it's easy to get started and start creating at any time.

Key features:

  • Intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

  • Allows track and restore changes.

  • Support various formats for import and export.

Pros of

  • No login is required, free

  • Speed & simple

  • Excellent real-time collaboration support included when connected to a Google account

Cons of

  • Collection of templates and unimpressive shapes.

  • Less professional

  • Importing from other file types was unsuccessful in testing.

Pricing: Free

Each of these software brings something unique to the table in terms of features and pricing. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or part of a large organization.


Flowchart software is an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike, offering a visual representation of processes, workflows, and decision trees. While each of the flowchart software tools discussed offers its own unique and appealing features, we encourage users to choose the ideal option based on their specific needs and pain points. However, with a humble perspective, we still propose that AFFiNE emerges as the ultimate winner in this evaluation, providing a comprehensive and versatile solution for managing daily tasks, goals and flowchart needs, catering to a wide range of user requirements.


So why wait? Start creating your own flowcharts today with AFFiNE's easy-to-use tool. Currently, AFFiNE has released its stable version, but we are continuing to build to a more feature-rich and stable build. Come and join us on our journey over on our media platforms.

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