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10 of the Best Smartsheet Alternatives & Competitors for Project Management in 2024

Yanxi Liu

We understand that project management software is a hot commodity, and you deserve options that go beyond the mundane. So, buckle up and get ready to explore Top 10 free Smartsheet alternatives with comprehensive properties that will bring your productivity to the next level. Explore a world of innovation, time-saving magic, and features now!

With these alternatives, you'll have the power to conquer dependencies like a fearless warrior, allocate resources with the precision of a master strategist, and tackle recurring tasks with the finesse of a seasoned acrobat. You'll be the project management master, conducting your team like a symphony and achieving success with a flair.

Why to Look for Smartsheet Alternatives?


There are several reasons why you might consider finding an alternative to Smartsheet:

  1. Better Integrations: If you require seamless integration with other tools and software that are critical to your workflow, you may find that other project management platforms offer more extensive integration options.

  2. Enhanced Time Tracking: If accurate time tracking and monitoring are crucial for your projects, you might find that alternative platforms provide more advanced time tracking features and reporting capabilities.

  3. Native Chat Functionality: If real-time collaboration and communication are essential for your team, you may prefer a project management tool that includes native chat functionality, allowing for easier and more efficient communication within the platform.

  4. Cost Considerations: Smartsheet is known to be one of the more expensive project management tools on the market. If cost is a significant factor for your organization, exploring alternatives may help you find similar solutions at a lower price point or even for free.

By considering these factors and exploring alternative options, you can find a project management tool that better suits your specific needs and requirements.

The 10 Best Smartsheet Alternatives You Have to Try

While Smartsheet remains popular and offers many useful features, it can be comparatively expensive. Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives available that provide similar functionalities at lower costs or even for free.




AFFiNE is an innovative task management software, offering organization, collaboration, and management of tasks, projects, and information. It stands out as a free and open-source solution, prioritizing accessibility through offline technology. It is a valuable find for individuals seeking a comprehensive task management solution. Startups and large corporations can also benefit from its user-friendly interface for efficient group task management.

Key Features:

  • Time tracking and goal setting: Utilize AFFiNE's integrated features to track task time and set goals for enhanced productivity.

  • Text-to-Kanban Conversion: Effortlessly convert blocks into a Kanban view with a single click using our new Kanban feature.

  • Properties Editing: Enhance your interaction with a dedicated panel for Kanban editing. Click the "Edit" button, and a right-side panel will appear.

  • Custom Classifying for Maximum Flexibility: Experience unparalleled customization by classifying based on nearly any property, allowing personalized categorization to align perfectly with your needs.

  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Sorting: Easily rearrange items by dragging and dropping them to desired locations. Move entire columns or individual Kanban cards with flexibility and ease.

  • Unification of Kanban and Table Views: Changes made in the Kanban view automatically reflect in the corresponding table view, ensuring seamless integration.



  • Pricing: Free

    In the future, we will supply some advanced features and AFFiNE Cloud uses. If you are interested, please check the specific Pricing plan.For more things related to AFFiNE, come and check out the Official website:



Asana is a widely-used project management software that is favored by many project managers. It offers a user-friendly interface and provides numerous integrations, making it a viable alternative to Smartsheet. Asana is particularly well-suited for smaller and less complex projects, thanks to its simplicity and ease of use.

Key features

File sharing and task comments for better team collaboration

  • Advanced task management features with subtasks and checklists

  • Powerful project overviews for better resource management

Google Sheets


Google Sheets is a straightforward alternative to Smartsheet. It is a free spreadsheet tool developed by Google that offers a range of functionalities, including data management and project management. Google Sheets follows a similar concept to Excel but presents a simpler and cleaner interface.

  • Project templates such as project plans, time trackers, and project timelines

  • Gantt charts to track project progress



ClickUp provides a built-in Comment section for every task, facilitating project-related discussions. Whether you need to share files or use Assigned Comments to tag team members to specific tasks, ClickUp offers a comprehensive collaborative solution.

Key features

  • Mind Maps: Plan and organize new or existing tasks, ideas, or projects through a highly-visual outline

  • Task Checklists: Create checklists within tasks to give projects more details and accountability



Hive is a fan favorite project management tool for teams, and it is also one of the top Smartsheet alternatives. Built for users by users, Hive is a flexible tool that offers its users time tracking, reporting capabilities, and multiple views to handle project management with ease

Key Features:

  • Flexible project views: Table (spreadsheet), Kanban, Gantt, Calendar, Label, and Team Views

  • Over 1,000 integration options

  • Automation, reporting, and time-tracking functionality



Jira is a software solution designed for bug tracking and project management, specifically tailored for Agile and Scrum teams. What sets it apart from other tools is its open-source version, which provides users with additional flexibility and customization options.

Key features

  • Powerful Agile views with Kanban board

  • Custom workflow templates and automated workflow function



If you use Smartsheet but you are looking to improve productivity without compromising your company’s budget, can be a great alternative for you. Monday also offers native social media management and free educational webinars for all subscribers, while Smartsheet only offers free live webinars for enterprise subscribers, the material can be purchased at additional cost for other plans.

Key Features

  • Boards & Columns

  • Checklists

  • Apps Integration



Notion presents a distinctive alternative to Smartsheet in the realm of project management, offering a fantastic combinition of flexibility and multifunctionality. Unlike Smartsheet, which primarily focuses on spreadsheet-based planning and task management, Notion provides a comprehensive workspace that integrates project management, documentation, and databases into a single platform.

Key features:

  • Block-based structure

  • Integrated note-taking


nTask is a comprehensive project and task management application that offers a range of powerful features for managing tasks and teams. With its intuitive interface, you can easily track your development process and monitor all the associated tasks within a single platform. The application includes risk management and issue tracking features, which are essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of your business.

Key Features:

  • Task and project management

  • Issue tracking and risk management

  • Meeting management and collaborative tools



Trello utilizes Kanban boards, lists, and cards as its core structure, providing a flexible and visual approach to managing projects and tasks. With its intuitive interface, Trello can easily adapt to your team's workflow, and it offers no-code automation features that streamline repetitive tasks, saving you valuable time.

Key Features:

  • Kanban boards, lists and cards

  • Easy-to-copy templates

  • Workflow automation

Try AFFiNE! The Best Smartsheet Alternative

While Smartsheet may have its merits, let's face it, relying solely on a spreadsheet for project management is like using a typewriter in the age of AI. Why settle for something so outdated when you can have a cutting-edge project management tool that caters to all your team's needs?

Each of these Smartsheet alternatives offers a range of features to streamline your workflow and effectively organize information. However, there is one standout option that goes above and beyond, providing comprehensive solutions for teams and businesses across various industries - AFFiNE.

With AFFiNE, you can create spreadsheets effortlessly using the Table view, allowing you to manage everything from inventories to client information. The Custom Fields feature enables you to convey important context at a glance, incorporating file attachments, ratings, and progress percentages into your task columns.

In addition, AFFiNE's intuitive drag-and-drop functionality in the AFFiNE Table View simplifies task organization. You can easily rearrange tasks, ensuring a seamless workflow. Moreover, the Form view in AFFiNE transforms bug submissions and customer feedback into actionable tasks, which can be organized based on priority in a clean and functional table.

So, why wait? Sign up with AFFiNE today and unlock a world of possibilities. Leave the limitations of Smartsheet behind and take your productivity to the next level.

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