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8 Best Free Table of Contents Templates and Examples for 2024

Yiyang Zhang

Are you tired of spending hours formatting and organizing your documents?

Do you find yourself scrolling endlessly, searching for the information you need?

Well, fret no more! A table of contents template is here to rescue you from the chaos.

And if that does not motivate you enough to be more productive, then stay tuned until the end because we have something extra special for you. Get ready to revolutionize how you organize and present your work with AFFiNE. But before that, let's explore our handpicked selection of the best 8 free table of contents templates for 2024!

What is a Table of Contents Template?

A table of contents template is a pre-designed framework that helps you create an organized and clear overview of your document's structure. It serves as a roadmap, making it easy for readers to navigate through the content. No more flipping back and forth to find specific sections or chapters because a table of contents template neatly lays everything out for you. An efficient table of contents should be visually appealing, easy on the eyes, and provide quick access to different sections. It should also be customizable so that you can adapt it to suit your specific needs. A table of contents template not only enhances readability and organization but also adds a professional touch to your work.

What Makes an Agile Table of Contents Template?

An agile table of contents template is essential for effective document organization and navigation. But what exactly makes a table of contents template agile? Let's explore the key characteristics that set an agile table of contents template apart.

  • Easily customizable. It should allow you to effortlessly add or remove sections, rearrange content, or adjust formatting to suit your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that your table of contents remains up-to-date and reflects any changes in your document.

  • User-friendly. It should provide clear instructions on how to use it effectively, even for those with minimal technical knowledge. A well-designed interface can make all the difference when it comes to quickly generating a professional-looking and functional table of contents.

  • Support various file formats. Whether you're working on a Word document, PDF file, or web page, your chosen template should seamlessly adapt to accommodate different formats without compromising its functionality.

  • Offer advanced features. Advanced features such as a database and whiteboard not only enhance navigation within the document but also enable easy access to external resources or related sections in other documents.

  • Compatibility. An Agile Table Of Contents Template that works seamlessly across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices allows users to access their documents anytime and anywhere without encountering compatibility issues.

By incorporating these elements into your choice of a table of contents template, you can ensure optimal efficiency and productivity in organizing and navigating through your documents.

8 Best Free Table of Contents Templates for 2024

Are you tired of spending hours formatting your table of contents manually? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this article, we will share with you the 8 best free table of contents templates for 2024 that will help streamline your document organization and save you time.

1. AFFiNE Table of Contents Template for Project Management


The AFFiNE table of contents template is ideal for creating traditional project management documents. Its design is timeless, neat, and organized, making it effortless for readers to navigate through your content. You have the option to personalize and modify the template according to your specific requirements.

2. AFFiNE Table of Contents Template for HR


The AFFiNE template is perfect for you if you want a modern and stylish table of contents template for HR. It has a simple design that includes all the necessary information while maintaining a minimalist look. The layout design is also unique, featuring a diagonal grid with image support and gray triangles for better visual flow.

3. Canva Table of Contents Template for Business


The Canva creative table of contents template for business offers unique layouts and eye-catching visuals that are sure to grab attention. The table of contents in the business plan uses a color block design to showcase the section titles.

4. Canva Table of Contents Templates of Marketing Strategy


The Canva table of contents template for marketing strategies is a fantastic option for business reports or marketing papers. It exudes professionalism with its clean layout and attractive typography. The table of contents template in this document is center-aligned over a black background. Thin vertical lines complete the design, creating a visual hierarchy of elements.

5. Visme Restaurant Business Plan Table of Contents Template


The Visme's restaurant business plan table of contents template has a unique layout that incorporates an inviting image of food in a circular frame. Each section is assigned a different color for easy skimming and is accompanied by a corresponding page number. The visually appealing design helps organize information clearly and concisely.

6. Visme SaaS Business Plan Table of Contents Template


The Visme SaaS business plan table of contents template features a clean, minimalist design with a white background and purple accents. The bullet-point format is straightforward to navigate. The vertical orientation of the heading text adds a touch of visual interest, while the table of contents is well-spaced for optimal readability.

7. Templatelab Table of Contents Template for Kids


The TemplateLab table of contents template for kids offers colorful paintings and creative shapes for improved usability for teachers looking for a table of contents that goes beyond headings. If you’re looking for a table of contents template that makes an impact, look no further than this template.

8. TemplateLab Table of Contents Template for Employees


The TemplateLab table of contents template for employees is designed to provide clarity and help readers focus on the content by decluttering and removing potential distractions. This clean and modern table of contents design uses a unique layout style. Instead of a traditional list format, the sections are displayed as items on a grid, which makes it easier for readers to navigate the document. This table of contents template breaks away from the usual and is sure to make a lasting impression.

Improve Your Productivity with AFFiNE

Having the right template for your table of contents can make your work process more efficient and increase your productivity. AFFiNE is a remarkable software that can transform the way you create your table of contents. It provides a wide range of free templates that are specifically designed to meet various needs and preferences. Whether you're working on a business report, academic paper, creative portfolio, or any other project, AFFiNE has got you covered.


AFFiNE is the powerhouse that centralizes your work, connects seamlessly with numerous apps, and provides a comprehensive view of your project contents, with a wealth of customizable features and an extensive template gallery for all your needs.

AFFiNE's Brilliant Features:

  • Robust Table View: It's essential to organize your tasks by day and schedule them on a single table. With AFFiNE‘s table view, you can easily track the progress and deadlines of each project, making it simple to see updates on unscheduled or overdue tasks. To enhance your table of contents, you can add properties, set timelines, divide tasks, and monitor your daily progress, allowing for personalized categorization.


  • Frame & Presentation: With AFFiNE's edgeless mode, you can effortlessly create and connect your content through flowcharts and seamlessly arrange it in any area you desire. This feature enables you to develop a well-organized and clear overview of your table of contents. Once you have set up your frames, you can use the presentation mode to review your work and present your ideas more effectively.


  • Appealing Collaboration Capabilities: When you do need to collaborate with other contributors, AFFiNE makes getting feedback simple. Appealing collaboration capability provides visibility into assigned tasks, making project timelines easier to estimate, and ensuring your table of contents remains well-designed.


Start your work plan journey with AFFiNE today and watch your projects come to life with ease. 🚀 Presently, AFFiNE has launched its Stable Version, with ongoing efforts to develop a more comprehensive and dependable iteration. Join us on our voyage through our social media channels and be part of the experience. Come and join us on our journey over on our media platforms.

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