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Abbey Wood Release Notes

Yipei Wei
Christopher Smolak

Thank you very much for your interest in AFFiNE! Some new and exciting changes for both #AFFiNE and #BlockSuite are as follows:

From BlockSuite

BlockSuite is the open-source collaborative editor project that powers the AFFiNE knowledge base.

If you have followed the AFFiNE repository, you will find that most of the bugs related to the editing experience are fixed in the BlockSuite repository.

The GitHub address for BlockSuite is:

For most issues, bugs, feature requests and PRs we reconmmend you to continue to use AFFiNE as the main repository. You can report issues (such as bugs and feature requests) via the following link:

AFFiNE team members will be responsible for moving BlockSuite-related bugs to the BlockSuite repository.

Bug Fixes

In our team and users' continued effort to make AFFiNE the most reliable all-in-one knowledge base, fixing bugs is always our main concern. Here's our work over the last few days:

Features & Refactoring

The following features can be played with in the #Blocksuite playground.The address is: These features still need some time to be available in the AFFiNE Alpha (



Our AFFiNE GitHub address:


Recent features launched on Abbey Wood have been updated via our version introduction.The latest Docker version can be accessed via GitHub, and we've created a new Docker user guide to help you.We are hoping to launch a major update around Feb 10th, 2023, which can cover around 80% of the features found in our Pre-Alpha version.

Here are the official media accounts operated by AFFiNE, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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