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AFFiNE 0.10.0 - Launch week - Day 1/5: An Lightening Up Visual Experience

Yuhang Zhao (Zoey)
Yanxin Lu

Welcome to AFFiNE 0.10.0's launch week, where we're excited to unveil a series of UI/UX improvements that will transform your digital experience. Our focus has been on enhancing every aspect of usability, from the vibrant new look in light mode to the innovative design of the toolbar for our whiteboard. With an all-encompassing approach, we've combined features and streamlined interactions to provide a more user-friendly and efficient platform. Let's explore how AFFiNE's latest update makes digital tasks smoother and more enjoyable.

Unveiling a New Palette: From Deep to Light Tones!

Are you ready to engage with our vibrant new look? Explore the refreshing transformation of our visual identity as we embrace a shift from rich, deep hues to bright, light tones, bringing an overall uplift to our design ethos. This shift extends beyond our app icon, weaving through the homepage and our client interfaces, marrying professionalism with a modern aesthetic for a fresh, contemporary look. This stylish change reduces visual distractions, ensuring that our brand is easily recognized and accessible on different devices and environments, and allowing you to concentrate on your core note-taking tasks.


Tool Bar Aesthetic Enhancement for Whiteboard: Revamped Look

1. The New Approach to Interacting With Selection and Hand Tool

Tired of toggling between selection and hand tools on a whiteboard? AFFiNE 0.10.0 streamlines the process by merging these icons and enabling spacebar interaction in edgeless mode. This simplifies tool switching, promoting smoother drag-and-drop actions. Focus on creativity, not complex tool operations, and enjoy a seamless creation experience.



2. Enhanced Shape Functionality: Drag-and-Drop and Animation Support

Imagine being able to select a shape directly from the toolbar without the need for multiple clicks and then seamlessly dragging it onto the whiteboard. Additionally, we have optimized the visual animations to make the appearance of shapes smoother.


3. Innovative Connector Design: The Beauty of Wavy Lines and Customization

Are you tired of the same old straight and zigzag connectors? Our latest addition, the wavy connector, brings a touch of elegance and fluidity to your creations. We understand that the beauty of details is meant to enhance your AFFiNE experience, making it not only practical but also visually pleasing. Furthermore, we've added new features such as start and end point styles and the flip direction to provide you with even more customization options for your creative journey.


Streamlined Document Organization: All Pages Reimagined

1. Drag and Drop for Effortless Organization

How many times have you wished for an easier way to manage your documents? Well, your wish has been granted! Our redesigned All Pages feature now allows you to effortlessly drag and drop your documents into the trash or your preferred collections. Whether you're tidying up or sorting your notes, you can simply drag a document to the trash can or your chosen collection. It's a user-friendly way to manage your notes, saving you time and providing a more engaging note-taking experience.


2. Multi-Selection for Efficient Deletion

Tired of the hassle of deleting notes one by one? We've got a smarter solution for you! Another game-changing addition to the All Pages feature is multi-selection. Now, you can easily select multiple documents at once and execute batch actions, such as deletion. With just a few clicks, you can efficiently clean up your notes, elevating your overall note-taking experience.


As you dive into AFFiNE 0.10.0, you're not just witnessing updates; you're embracing a whole new level of usability. Our dedication to improving every facet of your experience, from the aesthetics of App Icons to the functionality of the whiteboard toolbar, is aimed at making your digital journey efficient and enjoyable. With the power of enhanced visual presentation and flexible document management, we're here to empower you.

Are you ready to redefine how you interact with your digital world? Join us today and experience a more user-friendly and efficient digital workspace.

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