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AFFiNE - 0.12.0 Launch Week - Day1/3: A New Frontier in Note-Taking: Daily Notes, Card Views, Bookmarks, and Everything In-Between

Yuhang Zhao (Zoey)
Meng Cen
Yixuan Guo

Welcome to the launch week of AFFiNE 0.12.0!

🎉We're thrilled to share that AFFiNE has claimed the 2nd Place title as Product of the Day on ProductHunt. Thank you all for your support! The voting is still ongoing, and we invite you to continue supporting us on this exciting journey: AFFiNE on ProductHunt.


We are thrilled to bring you a range of feature improvements and a simplified user operation process, leading to an enhanced overall efficiency of the product. In short:

  • The Journals: Tracking your daily notes and routine

  • Enhanced Linked Docs Display: New stylish card views

  • Bi-directional Link Makes Relationships between Documents Clear

  • Bookmark Preview: Link Mastery Made Simple

  • Collections & Tags: Your Recipe for Document Organization

The Journals: Tracking your daily notes and routine

Explore the enhanced features of our new Journals designed to streamline your note-taking experience. Easily track your daily notes, thoughts, ideas, and experiences with our Journals.

  • You can find the Journal in the left sidebar. Then a calendar for the current week appears at the top of the editor. By clicking on a specific date, a document named after the date will be automatically created.
  • Click on dates in the right sidebar to easily view documents created and updated on that day.
  • The navigation enables seamlessly jumping to the relevant docs through a single click.

Enhanced Linked Docs Display: New Stylish Card Views

This update offers users the choice of how links and their views are displayed, enhancing the personalization of documents. The card view feature enables the display of additional information beyond just titles, facilitating quick picks and allowing for more flexible document organization and improved visualization, which will ultimately boost your workflow efficiency.

Bi-directional Link Makes Relationships between Documents Clear

Have you ever been bothered by the challenge of interconnecting documents? Our latest update can create bi-directional links automatically when you add a linked page. Linked pages display in the ongoing links section, and when other articles cite this page, they show up as backlinks. Feel free to embrace the mutual referencing function and thus a more dynamic organizing style from now on!

Bookmark Preview: Link Mastery Made Simple

The 0.12.0 stable release now supports a bookmark preview feature, enabling you to preview links such as YouTube, GitHub, and Figma. This update includes playing YouTube videos directly with a single click, without navigating away from the current page. Enhancing browsing efficiency, it also simplifies the management and recognition of important links, making your workflow smoother and more intuitive.

Collections & Tags: Your Recipe for Document Organization

In version 0.12.0, we've added Collections and Tags at the top of the "All Pages" section, which will enable you to organize documents in two distinct ways. The introduction of these new filters significantly enhances the flexibility of the "All Pages" view, providing you with a more efficient and user-friendly document management experience. This makes document handling more intuitive and effective.

Get Ready to Unlock New Levels of Productivity


As we wrap up our AFFiNE 0.12.0 launch week, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your interest and backing. Our journey to optimize AFFiNE is ongoing, and we're dedicated to improving it. With this update, we've introduced several key features: innovative journals for daily ideas, streamlined previews for linked docs and bookmarks, and bi-directional links for improved visibility of document interrelations. We believe these improvements will not only boost your productivity but also transform the way you manage your documents and notes.

Gratitude again for propelling AFFiNE to 2nd Place on ProductHunt! Your ongoing encouragement holds immense value for us. Come and support AFFiNE here: AFFiNE on ProductHunt.

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