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AFFiNE 0.7.0 preview - Launch Week - Day 1/5

Xuan Pang
Jackie Peng

Welcome to the highly anticipated launch week of AFFiNE 0.7.0 Preview! We are thrilled to present an array of groundbreaking features and a redesigned user experience that will redefine the way you work.

On the first day of the AFFiNE 0.7.0 Preview launch week, we will introduce you to the exciting updates, including enhanced organization with Filter and Collections, as well as a visually revamped UI/UX. Get ready to unlock new levels of productivity and immerse yourself in a seamless and efficient workflow.

Enhanced Organization and Efficient Filtering

① Docs Filter - Refine and Sort with Ease

Filter by creation date, update date, favourites, and tags, ensuring efficient knowledge management.


② Collections - Unleash the Power of Smart Collections

A few steps to set criteria, collect filtered pages, and effortlessly curate frequently used content, ensuring efficient organization and easy retrieval and comprehensive management.


Revamped Visuals and User Interface

① New Settings Page - New Pop-up for Effortless Configuration.

Personalize your note-taking environment with our new pop-up settings page. Better dark-mode settings and a translucent sidebar are available now.


② Integrated Titlebar and Animation-Enhanced UI/UX Experience

Titlebar now harmoniously blends with the page, creating a unified visual experience, in particular for Windows users.


We know that sometimes it takes hard work to finish a list of tasks. So we tried a better animation on our new checkbox, to make life easier.


③ Better Customizing - A Superior User Experience Tailored to Your Needs

Full-width mode is now supported on our pages.


Elevate your note-taking experience with a stylish sidebar.


We are trying to improve our design about detail in dark mode all the time, and it is getting better now.


Rest assured, the AFFiNE 0.7.0 beta will be made available at a very recent date. Stay tuned for the official launch and get ready to experience a seamless and reliable note-taking solution.Get ready to unlock new levels of productivity

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