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AFFiNE 0.7.0 Preview - Launch week - day 4/5

Xuan Pang

Welcome to the highly anticipated launch week of AFFiNE 0.7.0 Preview! We are thrilled to present an array of groundbreaking features and a redesigned user experience that will redefine the way you work.

On the fourth day of the AFFiNE 0.7.0 Preview launch week, we will introduce you to the exciting updates of Edgeless Mode, including a redesigned toolbar, new eraser, new connector, blockslicer, integrated canvas text and copy as PNG, etc. Get ready to unlock new levels of productivity and immerse yourself in a seamless and efficient workflow.

Enhanced Toolbar: Unveiling a Fresh Look and Expanded Features

① Revitalized Toolbar - Unveiling a Fresh User Interface

We hope the edgeless can be your best place to annotate, create and relocate the pieces of your knowledge out of a linear doc in the page mode. We aim to better distinguish between elements exclusive to the whiteboard and common elements found in both the whiteboard and the documents.

Let's start with the toolbar. In edgeless mode, we have redesigned the toolbar to enhance its visual appeal and interactivity.


As you move the cursor over the toolbar, you can more easily find the pen or blocks that fit your needs.


② New Eraser - Effortless Precision for Immaculate Creations

Sometimes, it does feel a bit off to use selection and delete for the whiteboard elements. In the latest updates, we've added an eraser tool to the edgeless mode, allowing for easy adjustments and corrections.


③ Enhanced Connector - Linking Perfection

We have improved the functionality of the Connectors feature, enabling you to connect different blocks with greater precision and accuracy. Our new connector provides a more rational treatment of anchor points - when you connect the edges of two shapes, the connector always anchors at the edge of the shape and automatically finds the shortest path; whereas, when you anchor within the shape, the connector automatically rotates.


Elevated Edgeless Mode Experience: Unleash Seamless Creativity

① Canvas text - Better Text Integration

To offer you more flexibility and freedom when texting in edgeless mode, you can now add text to any location on the canvas without any limitations.


② On-page Functionality- Display or Hide Your Note in Page Mode

With the On-page function, you can easily hide specific notes on the edgeless mode when switching to page mode with just a single click.


③ Blockslicer - Divide and Organize Your Notes with Ease

To provide you with enhanced customization options, we are introducing a pair of scissors tool that allows you to divide your creations into as many pieces as you desire, opening up more possibilities for the layout of edgeless mode.


④ Copy as PNG - Sleek Note-to-PNG Conversion

With a single click, you can now convert individual note blocks into PNG format, enabling you to share your ideas in a more visually appealing manner.


Rest assured, the AFFiNE Preview 0.7.0 version will be made available at a very recent date. Stay tuned for the official launch and get ready to experience a seamless and reliable note-taking solution.

Get ready to unlock new levels of productivity

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