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AFFiNE Client: Desktop Apps for Improved User Experience

Christopher Smolak

AFFiNE Announces Native Desktop Applications

AFFiNE, the open-source and privacy-focused productivity tool, has exciting news for its users. The team is proud to announce the upcoming release of its native desktop applications, which will offer a more powerful and flexible experience than ever before.

This includes a much more versatile and feature-rich offline experience. So, whether you want to operate purely offline and locally, or are looking for the powerful editing experience that AFFiNE Cloud enables, you are now better supported than ever. there are now even much choices and greater support. Coming soon to your desktop.

Introducing AFFiNE Client - A Native Desktop Application

A new way to access AFFiNE - a truly local-first experience with native support for your platform. The AFFiNE Client offers you an easy and convenient way to access your docs with rich editing experience. The AFFiNE Client will offer native desktop application for Windows, macOS, and Linux. With the new client, users will be able to enjoy all the features and functionalities of AFFiNE on their desktops, without being limited by the constraints of their browsers.

The AFFiNE Client will provide a more seamless user experience and faster performance. By running directly on the operating system, it will be able to take advantage of the processing power of the computer and provide a smoother experience. The new client will also offer additional features, such as much improved offline access which has previously been unreliable in the browser version.

Moreover, AFFiNE is committed to keeping the AFFiNE Client open-source and privacy-focused. In fact the code is already in our GitHub (Toeverything/AFFiNE : /apps). Users will have full control over their data and keep it truly local and unrestricted - no more reliance on browser caches and memory, keep your files on your system. That also makes it easier for you to implement your own backups and even linking those files to your own cloud of choice.

Of course, AFFiNE Cloud will be available to - offering you a greater range of functionality. Whether you want to share your files with others, edit and collaborate online together or even publish your docs for the whole world to see. With the AFFiNE Client, users will be able to enjoy a reliable and secure knowledge management solution on their desktops, with the added peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.

What to Expect from the Upcoming AFFiNE Client

So what do our AFFiNE Client devs have to say about this?

"AFFiNE is a great product and I'm happy to have been involved in developing the AFFiNE client, which can become a cornerstone of the future Knowledge OS. We are working hard to develop more exciting features and provide a more complete privacy-focused and local-first solution." - HongLiang, Li

"I'm really excited for the release of the client. It's something I have worked hard on and feel passionate about. I hope our users will enjoy a true offline-first experience" - Peng, Xiao

The AFFiNE team is committed to delivering a seamless experience for all users, and the upcoming AFFiNE Client is no exception. Here's what you can expect from the new desktop applications:

  1. Speed and Performance: By using the AFFiNE Client, you can expect a faster and more responsive experience. The client is optimised for native operating systems and hardware, enabling it to take advantage of system resources to deliver a more efficient user experience.

  2. Offline Local Access: With the AFFiNE Client, you'll have access to all your notes, pages, and blocks, even when you're not connected to the internet. This makes it easy to keep working on your projects, even when you're on the go.

  3. Cross-Platform Compatibility: The AFFiNE Client will be available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, with mobile versions for iOS and Android to follow. This means that you can use AFFiNE on any device, whether you're at your desk or on the move.

This also all opens the door for more choices and customisability. We hope to offer you more control over the look and feel of the application in the future, allowing you to make AFFiNE feel like a truly personalised productivity tool.


With the upcoming release of AFFiNE Client, we are excited to provide users with an even more seamless and efficient way to manage their knowledge. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply someone who values organisation and productivity, the AFFiNE Client desktop and mobile applications are designed to meet your needs.

By providing a native desktop application, we're removing the limitations that come with using a browser and enabling users to work offline and sync their data seamlessly across multiple devices. This is just one step in our commitment to delivering a robust, flexible, and open-source knowledge management tool.

Stay tuned for more updates on AFFiNE and the upcoming release of AFFiNE Client. We believe that this new entry point to our software will take your productivity and organisation to the next level.

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