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AFFiNE Unleashed: Demo Example for Every Professional

Jackie Peng
Xuan Pang
Yanxi Liu

We know that most of our users are coming from different domains with quite diverse backgrounds, including project managers, software engineers, students, and so forth. We are thrilled by the genuine interest you've shown in our product and are eager to provide you with more information about what we can offer, and what benefits you can reap from using AFFiNE.

The article is all about the demo example (you cannot download but only refer to) that were based on and refined from the AFFiNE team's daily routines, project management endeavours, issue tracking, progress monitoring, and goal-setting. Whether you're a project manager, a student, a software engineer, or come from any other background, Here are some of the example that you can refer to and get started for various use cases based on AFFiNE. Check them out!

Though we feel a little bit pity that we can only embody the demo example, but we've been working hard on the buildup of the template ecosystem and encouraging users to unleash their creativity and domain professions on example. Hopefully, this day won't be so late.

① AFFiNE's Personal project management



While AFFiNE continues to undergo active development, with a promising set of features in the pipeline, including Kanban, Gantt graph, and more, its current state already exemplifies a remarkable project management tool. This hyper-fused platform effortlessly centralizes most of your work apps within a dynamic work hub, presenting a truly professional yet good enough solution for your personal project management needs.

Main Elements of this Project Management Template

  • Task List Creation:

    • The ability to create and maintain a to-do list of tasks for personal projects.

    • Option to add details like task description, due dates, and priority levels.

  • Task Prioritization:

    • Tools to prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance to tackle the most critical ones first.
  • Progress Tracking:

    • Visual indicators or progress bars to track the completion status of tasks and projects.
  • Goal Setting and Milestones:

    • Capability to set personal goals and milestones, with the ability to break them down into smaller achievable tasks

② AFFiNE OKR and Progress Tracking Template

AFFiNE provides you with a dynamic OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Template, specifically tailored to empower your organization or team to set ambitious goals and achieve remarkable outcomes. With this template, you'll be able to align objectives, track key results, and drive progress in a focused and transparent manner.

Main Elements of this Project Management Template

  • Objective and key results:

    • Define clear and inspiring objectives that represent the desired outcomes and strategic priorities.

    • Key results should be quantifiable and relevant to the success of the objectives.

  • Owners and Stakeholders:

    • Assign owners and stakeholders to each objective, key result, and initiative.

    • Clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities.

  • Timeframe and Progress Tracking:

    • Set a timeframe for each OKR cycle (typically quarterly) to create a sense of urgency and focus.

    • Use visual indicators or progress bars to track the status of each key result and initiative.

  • Evaluation and Assessment:

    • Evaluate the effectiveness of OKRs in driving performance and achieving desired outcomes.



③ AFFiNE Issue Tracker Template


Specifically designed to make your work easier, this AFFiNE issue tracker template will make you feel earlier when it comes to tracking and managing software issues. With this template, you'll have a structured system in place to document and tackle bugs, feature requests, and all those technical hiccups that come up during development. It's like having a personal assistant dedicated to keeping things organized and ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. You'll be able to collaborate seamlessly with your team, easily prioritize tasks, and stay on top of everything.

Main Elements of this Project Management Template

  • Issue List Creation:

    • The ability to create and maintain a to-do list of tasks for untackled issues

    • Option to add details like bug description, due dates, and priority levels.

  • Bug Prioritization:

    • Using a tag system to prioritize issues based on the severity standards of minor, severe, and fatal allows you to tackle the most critical ones first
  • Progress Tracking:

    • Visual indicators or progress bars to track the completion status of tasks and projects.
  • Deadline Reminder:

    • With a clearly defined column for fixed deadlines, this feature will provide you with timely reminders for bug fixes.

④ AFFiNE Cornell Notes System Template


Welcome to AFFiNE's Cornell Notes System Template, a powerful and organized way to take and review notes. Whether you're a student or professional, this template will enhance your note-taking efficiency and boost your retention of key information. With its unique format, the Cornell Notes System divides your notes into sections, making it easy to identify main ideas, key details, and reflections.

Main Elements of this Project Management Template

  • Heading:

    • At the top of your note page, write the title of the lecture, meeting, or subject, along with the date and any other relevant information.
  • Note-taking Section:

    • This is where you'll take the bulk of your notes during the lecture or presentation.

    • Focus on writing concise and organized points, capturing main ideas and key details.

    • Use bullet points or numbered lists to keep information clear and easy to review.

  • Cue Column:

    • On the left side of the page, create a cue column where you'll write down questions, keywords, or prompts that correspond to the main points in your note-taking section.

    • These cues will serve as valuable study aids when reviewing your notes later.

  • Summary Section:

    • At the bottom of your page, leave some space for a summary section.

    • After the lecture or meeting, write a brief summary of the main points covered in your notes.

    • Use this space to reflect on the material and connect it to your existing knowledge.

⑤ AFFiNE Project Proposal Template


AFFiNE crafts a well-designed Project Proposal Template to help you effectively outline and communicate your project ideas to stakeholders, clients, or team members. With this template, you'll be equipped to showcase the feasibility, benefits, and strategies of your proposed project in a structured and professional manner.

Main Elements of this Project Management Template

  • roject Overview:

    • Provide a concise summary of the project, including its purpose, goals, and objectives.

    • Briefly describe the problem or opportunity the project aims to address.

  • Scope and Deliverables:

    • Clearly define the scope of the project, outlining what will be included and excluded.

    • List the specific deliverables or outcomes that the project will produce.

  • Timeline and Milestones:

    • Present a detailed timeline for the project, including start and end dates.

    • Identify key milestones and deadlines to track progress and ensure timely completion.

  • Budget and Resources:

    • Specify the estimated budget for the project, including costs for materials, equipment, and labor.

    • Outline the resources required, such as personnel, expertise, and technology, to execute the project successfully.

⑥ Standard Operating Procedure


Introducing our comprehensive SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) template, designed to simplify and streamline your business processes. With this template, you'll have a reliable and standardized framework to outline the step-by-step procedures for various tasks and operations within your organization.

Main Elements of this Project Management Template

  • Title and Purpose:

    • Clearly state the title of the SOP and its intended purpose or scope.

    • Define the specific area or process the SOP covers to avoid ambiguity.

  • Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each team member involved in the process.

    • This ensures everyone knows their tasks and accountabilities.

  • Procedures and Steps:

    • Present a detailed step-by-step guide for each task or process covered by the SOP.

    • Include any necessary sub-steps, guidelines, or best practices to ensure consistency.

  • Performance Metrics:

    • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success and efficiency of the process.

    • This helps in evaluating the effectiveness of the SOP and making improvements if needed.

Looking for more example to enhance your productivity and streamline your work processes? Join our vibrant community and post your template request to get access to a wide range of example!

AFFiNE has released its stable version, but we are continuing to build to a more feature-rich and stable build. Come and join us on our journey over on our media platforms.

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