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AFFiNE Web Version Upgrade - Dec 2023

Christopher Smolak

There are some important changes coming to the web version of AFFiNE. Make sure you understand the changes to ensure you keep your data safe.

We always recommend you use the latest AFFiNE Client and activate AFFiNE Cloud.

What is happening?

We are upgrading to use the latest version of AFFiNE. At the time of publishing this article, the web app uses an old version of AFFiNE Cloud which is no longer supported. We will upgrade this web version and retire the old version - along with the old data. These changes are planned for December 14th - 15th (Singapore Standard Time).

What do I need to do?

If you have ever used

  • Head over to and backup all your data - local and cloud workspaces

  • All local data will be completely lost after the upgrade

  • We will keep a temporary copy of AFFiNE Cloud data on (live from next week for a limited period)

If you are using

  • Your AFFiNE Cloud data will be accessible on the new version after it is updated

  • You will lose access to any local storage data - we advise you to download the AFFiNE Client and activate AFFiNE Cloud

If you are using the AFFiNE Client

  • There's no action you need to take

More questions?

If you still have questions or concerns please do email us: [email protected]

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