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5 Best Free Digital Planner Apps for 2023

Jackie Peng

In today's fast-paced, digital-centric world, managing your personal and professional life can be a challenge. With the ever-increasing number of tasks, meetings, and events, staying organized and productive is essential. Enter digital planner apps, which have become a popular solution for keeping everything in order. The market is flooded with various digital planner apps, each with unique features and functions.

In this article, we will introduce you to the 5 best free digital planner apps for 2023, including a brief overview of AFFiNE - an open-source alternative to Notion, Miro, and Monday.



AFFiNE is a powerful, open-source digital planner app designed to rival popular tools like Notion, Miro, and Monday. This all-in-one platform combines elements of note-taking, project management, and collaboration to help you streamline your work and personal life. Key features of AFFiNE include:

What you can do with AFFiNE’s key features:

  • Write: Drag-and-drop blocks for easy paperwork


  • Plan: Kanban & Database to better plan your daily arrangements

    • Unlike typical Kanban boards limited to tagging, we provide unparalleled customization. Now, you can classify based on almost any property, allowing for personalized categorization that aligns perfectly with your needs.


  • Need to rearrange the order? It's a breeze – simply drag and drop to the desired spot. You have the flexibility to move entire columns or individual Kanban cards to your preferred locations effortlessly.


  • Draw: Switching to the whiteboard for Smooth drawing and Visualizationand creative brainstorming

    • Visualize and connect your daily ideas smoothly with better cartoon-style shape, slick pen, and connectors. No constraints. Limited only by your imagination. Ohhh, by the way, images now are supported to upload!! We just make everything easy for you, now you may enjoy your drawing time!


  • Offline& Real time Collaboration supported

    • Experience effortless collaboration through the power of local and real time collaborative networkswhile fortifying data security with all your information stored locally.


In addition to those mentioned above, AFFiNE is a fantastic, completely free daily planner app that wel··comes everyone to experience its powerful features, making it a delightful surprise for those seeking a comprehensive solution for their daily planning needs.



Turtl is a secure, open-source digital planner app focused on privacy and simplicity. It allows you to take notes, organize tasks, and manage your projects, while ensuring your data remains private and encrypted. Key features of Turtl include:

● End-to-end encryption: Protect your data with strong encryption, ensuring only you can access your notes and tasks.

● Cross-platform support: Access your planner from any device, with apps available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

● Collaboration: Share your notes and tasks with others while maintaining control over who can access them.

● Markdown support: Write and edit notes using the popular Markdown syntax for easy formatting.



Taskade is a lightweight, free digital planner app perfect for those seeking simplicity and a focus on task management. It offers a clean interface, making it easy to create and manage tasks, set due dates, and collaborate with others. Key features of Taskade include:

● Project templates: Start your projects quickly with pre-built templates for various use cases.

● Real-time collaboration: Work together with your team on tasks and projects, with live updates and communication.

● Hierarchical organization: Organize your tasks and notes in a nested structure for easy navigation and management.

● Cross-platform support: Access Taskade on any device through web, desktop, and mobile apps.

4.Zenkit To Do


Zenkit To Do is a comprehensive, free digital planner app that offers a range of powerful features, including task management, calendar integration, and team collaboration. Key features of Zenkit To Do include:

● Customizable views: Choose from multiple views, including list, Kanban, calendar, and table, to manage your tasks and projects effectively.

● Collaboration: Assign tasks to team members, set due dates, and communicate with in-app comments.

● File attachments: Attach files and images to your tasks for easy reference.

● Integrations: Connect Zenkit To Do with popular tools like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Toggl Track to streamline your workflow.

dcrw4lo-7NiEswoOJY9aAp04n4R8mG7PrmQ0WbWN88g= is a popular, free digital planner app known for its simplicity and elegant design. It offers features like task management, reminders, and calendar integration to help you stay organized and focused. Key features of include:

● To-do lists: Create and manage tasks with simple to-do lists, complete with due dates and priority levels.

● Reminders: Set reminders for your tasks to ensure you never miss a deadline or important event.

● Calendar integration: Sync your tasks with your favorite calendar apps, like Google Calendar and Outlook, for a seamless planning experience.

● Cross-platform support: Access on a variety of devices, including web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

● Collaboration: Share lists and tasks with friends, family, or colleagues for joint planning and productivity.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Digital Planner App

Before selecting a digital planner app, it's essential to evaluate your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best digital planner app for you:

● Functionality: Determine the specific features and functions you require, such as task management, note-taking, collaboration, or project management.

● Interface: The app's interface should be user-friendly, visually appealing, and customizable to suit your preferences.

● Security and privacy: If you plan to store sensitive information in your digital planner, consider an app with strong encryption and privacy features.

● Cross-platform support: Ensure that the app is compatible with the devices you use daily, including desktop, mobile, and web platforms.

● Integrations: If you already use other productivity tools, look for a digital planner app that can seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow.

Cost: While this article focuses on free digital planner apps, it's essential to consider any potential hidden costs, such as in-app purchases or premium upgrades.

The Importance of Digital Planner Apps in the Remote Work Era

The shift to remote work has dramatically changed the way individuals and teams manage their tasks and projects. As more people work from home or in distributed teams, digital planner apps have become increasingly important for staying organized, productive, and connected. Here's why:

● Centralized organization: Digital planner apps provide a single platform for managing tasks, notes, projects, and events, ensuring that all essential information is easily accessible and organized.

● Enhanced collaboration: Digital planner apps allow team members to collaborate in real-time, share updates, and communicate effectively, regardless of their physical location.

● Time management: With the help of digital planner apps, individuals can better manage their time by setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and tracking progress.

● Integration with other tools: Most digital planner apps offer integrations with other popular productivity tools, creating a seamless and efficient workflow across multiple platforms.

● Flexibility and adaptability: Digital planner apps can be customized and tailored to suit individual needs and preferences, making them an ideal solution for a diverse range of users in the remote work era.


In conclusion, the digital planner app landscape is diverse, offering a range of free solutions to cater to various needs and preferences. From the powerful, open-source AFFiNE to the simplicity of Taskade, there is a digital planner app out there to help you stay organized, focused, and productive in 2023.

Regardless of your choice, integrating a digital planner app into your daily routine is an excellent way to streamline your life and ensure you can tackle everything on your to-do list with ease.

AFFiNE is still in alpha, but we are continuing to build to a more feature-rich and stable build. Come and join us on our journey over on our media platforms.

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