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The Best 10 Trello Alternatives & Competitors in 2024 for Project Management (Free & Paid)

Yuhang Zhao (Zoey)

Trello has established itself as one of the user-friendly Kanban tools since its inception in 2011. Even after more than ten years, Trello remains a prominent choice for Kanban software. However, many users are impeded by its restricted functionality and reporting capabilities. Teams seek better alternatives for enhanced productivity.

Therefore, this article aims to familiarize you with Trello's functionalities and also present its top 10 alternatives. Let's begin this journey of exploration!

What is Trello?

Trello, developed by Atlassian, serves as a project management solution built upon the principles of the Kanban framework. It excels in overseeing tasks through a user-friendly to-do list layout. Facilitating the exchange of boards and cards among individuals or groups, Trello comes with both a complimentary package and premium options. The upgraded versions provide enhanced automation, collaborative capabilities, and increased administrative authority.

Pros and Cons:



Kanban Framework: Trello's implementation of the Kanban methodology provides a simple and effective way to manage tasks and workflows, particularly for smaller projects and teams.

Flexibility: Its flexible card and board structure allows users to customize their workflow, adapting Trello to various project types and work processes.

Collaboration: Trello enables smooth collaboration through shared boards, cards, and real-time updates, fostering teamwork and communication within projects.


Limited Complexity: Trello's simplicity can be a limitation for more complex projects or larger teams that require advanced features and customization options.

Lack of Advanced Reporting: Trello's reporting capabilities are relatively basic, lacking in-depth analytics and advanced reporting features needed for comprehensive project analysis.

Restricted Free Offering: While Trello provides a free plan, its capabilities are notably limited. Key features like Calendar, Timeline, Map, Table, and Dashboard Views are inaccessible. Sole reliance on the Kanban board can be problematic when different teams need diverse layouts. Consider alternatives with a strong free plan offering varied viewing options.

What is a Good Project Management Tool for Kanban?

A proficient project management tool for Kanban should effectively fulfil the fundamental principles of the Kanban system, encompassing the visualization of work, constraining work-in-progress, and optimizing overall flow and efficiency. To achieve this, there are several vital attributes that such a tool should possess:


  • User-Friendly Interface: The tool's interface should be user-friendly, facilitating effortless creation, movement, and management of tasks.

  • Customizable Boards and Cards: A quality Kanban tool should offer the ability to tailor boards according to your workflow, while also permitting customization of task cards to include relevant task details.

  • Work-In-Progress Limits: A cornerstone of Kanban, the tool should empower you to establish limits on concurrent tasks in progress, thus preventing overload and aiding in pinpointing bottlenecks.

  • Real-Time Updates: The tool must provide real-time updates, ensuring that all team members have access to the current status of tasks at any given moment.

  • Reporting and Analytics: The tool should furnish valuable insights into your team's workflow, including task duration at each stage, bottleneck identification, and overall project advancement.

The 10 Best Trello Alternatives You Need to Know


AFFiNE stands as an all-in-one task management solution, facilitating organization, collaboration, and project handling. These comprehensive software streamlines workflows while boasting a robust Kanban feature for enhanced database management and smoother workflows.

Key Features of AFFiNE's Kanban:

  • Text-to-Kanban Conversion: With a single click, convert your blocks into a Kanban view in AFFiNE. Seamlessly transition to an intuitive task management layout, simplifying your to-do list management.


  • Unification of Kanban and Table Views: Enjoy synchronized updates between Kanban and table views. Modifications in the Kanban layout are automatically mirrored in the corresponding table view, offering dual data management options for seamless convenience.


  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Sorting: Require a change in sequence? It's effortless – just use drag-and-drop to place items where you want. Enjoy the freedom to move complete columns or individual Kanban cards effortlessly to your desired positions.


Pricing: Free

Pro Plan: Please go to



Key features:

  • Cloud-based Collaboration: A cloud-powered collaborative tool designed for crafting and storing intricate company and project documents. Seamlessly collaborate and share essential information with your team, enhancing productivity and information accessibility.

  • Business Metrics Tracking: Empower your business journey by defining and monitoring key performance metrics. This feature aids in setting targets and tracking progress, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making.

  • Mind Maps: Generate visually captivating outlines effortlessly, either from scratch or by utilizing existing tasks. This feature streamlines idea organization, helping you conceptualize projects with clarity and creativity.


  • Free Forever Plan

  • Unlimited Plan: $7 per month per member

  • Business Plan: $12 per month per member

  • Business Plus Plan: $19 per month per member



Key features:

  • Task Views: Gain diverse insights into tasks with versatile viewing options. Switch between list, Kanban board, or timeline perspectives to suit your preferred task management approach.

  • Project Templates: Access a collection of over 50 project templates to kickstart your endeavours seamlessly. These templates offer a ready-to-use foundation for various project types, saving you time and effort.

  • Gantt Charts: Harness the power of Gantt charts, complete with timelines, to attain a comprehensive visual representation of your project. This feature simplifies complex project tracking and planning processes.


  • Basic plan: Free

  • Premium plan: $12 per month per member

  • Business plan: $24.99 per month per member

  • Enterprise plan: Contact for details



Key features:

  • File & Document Attachment: Enhance collaboration by effortlessly attaching files and documents to tasks. This feature promotes streamlined communication and ensures all relevant materials are accessible within the task environment.

  • Filter & Search: Efficiently navigate your task database with advanced filtering and robust search functionality. Easily locate specific tasks or groups of tasks, optimizing your workflow and information retrieval.

  • Mobile Support: Stay connected and productive on the go with comprehensive mobile compatibility. Access and manage tasks seamlessly from your mobile device, ensuring productivity regardless of your location.


  • Free

  • Premium: $5 per month per user




  • Detailed Project Reports: ProofHub offers detailed project reports for tracking progress, monitoring tasks, and analyzing project performance. These reports provide insights into timelines, task completion rates, and resource allocation.

  • Powerful Mobile Apps: With dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, ProofHub ensures that team members can stay connected and engaged while on the go. This mobile accessibility enables real-time updates, task tracking, and seamless communication.

  • Built-in Notepad: The built-in notepad feature in ProofHub allows users to jot down notes, ideas, and important information directly within the platform. This feature streamlines the process of capturing and organizing thoughts during project discussions and brainstorming sessions.


  • Essential: ($45/month)

  • Ultimate control:($89/month)



Key features:

  • Unified Team Conversations: Create a cohesive hub for team discussions with message boards. Facilitate clear and organized communication by centralizing conversations on a single page, fostering collaboration and eliminating scattered communication.

  • Comprehensive Task Management: Streamline team productivity by compiling all necessary tasks into organized to-do lists. This feature ensures that the entire scope of work is accounted for, promoting clarity and efficient task execution.

  • Structured Time Management: Effectively plan and manage projects by assigning specific dates and times using the scheduling feature. This ensures tasks are executed in a well-coordinated manner, optimizing project timelines and outcomes.


  • Personal: Free

  • Business: $99 per month (unlimited users)



Key features:

  • Add-ons: Augment platform capabilities with supplementary features like file sharing and messaging apps. These add-ons extend utility, promoting seamless collaboration and communication within a single ecosystem.

  • Built-in Calendar: Benefit from a cohesive built-in calendar to streamline project scheduling and task tracking. This feature ensures a comprehensive overview of project timelines, aiding in efficient time allocation.

  • Integrated Chat Messenger: Foster real-time communication with an integrated chat messenger. This facilitates swift and efficient exchanges, reducing the need for external communication tools and promoting centralized collaboration.


  • Free

  • Basic Plan: $9 per month per user

  • Plus Plan: $14 per month per user

  • Premium Plan: $24 per month per user



Key features:

  • Seamless Connectivity: Integrate effortlessly with popular apps such as Zapier, Github, and Gmail. This functionality allows for fluid data flow and enhanced collaboration across platforms, optimizing workflow efficiency.

  • Real-time Insights: Access comprehensive and insightful reports for up-to-the-minute updates. These detailed reports provide valuable data-driven insights, facilitating informed decision-making and agile project management.

  • Team Updates: Stay informed with a dedicated project newsfeed for team updates. This feature ensures everyone is on the same page by consolidating vital project-related information in one accessible location.


  • Free

  • Professional variant: $9.80 per month per user

  • Business variant: $24.80 per month per user



Key features:

  • Activity Stream: Foster team collaboration with an activity stream for every board. This stream captures ongoing interactions, discussions, and updates, facilitating seamless teamwork and transparency.

  • Customizable Project Boards: Tailor project boards to your needs and receive real-time updates. This feature allows for personalized project management spaces that adapt to your workflow, ensuring optimal organization.

  • Built-in Notepad: Enhance productivity with a built-in notepad for quick idea capture and essential note-taking. This tool provides a convenient space to jot down concepts, reminders, and insights, ensuring no valuable thoughts are lost.


  • Free plan

  • Pro plan: $4.19 per month per user

  • Business plan: $10.39 per month per user



Key features:

  • Flexible Project Views: Adapt project views to your preferences and needs. This feature provides versatile ways to visualize and organize tasks, enhancing your ability to manage projects efficiently.

  • Instant Messaging: Foster real-time communication with an instant messaging feature. Seamlessly connect with team members to discuss tasks, share updates, and collaborate, promoting swift and effective information exchange.

  • Action Templates: Expedite task creation with action templates. These pre-defined templates streamline repetitive processes, allowing you to swiftly set up tasks according to established workflows or standards.


  • Solo: Free

  • Teams: $12 per month per user

  • Enterprise: Contact for details

Getting Started with Project Management Tools for Kanban!

Exploring the top 10 Kanban-based tools of 2024 is just the starting point. Transform this insight into actionable strategies for heightened productivity. Consistency is key as you adopt new routines.

AFFiNE, as a revolutionary self-hosted data security solution that empowers individuals and businesses to effortlessly collaborate, unlock limitless potential, and engage in seamless multitasking, allowing you to write, draw, and plan all at once.


So why wait? Get your hands on AFFiNE today! The timing is opportune, and it's never too late to embark on this transformative journey. Commence tracking your progress in project management using AFFiNE's user-friendly tool. Presently, AFFiNE has launched its Stable Version, with ongoing efforts to develop a more comprehensive and dependable iteration. Join us on our voyage through our social media channels and be part of the experience. Come and join us on our journey over on our media platforms.

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