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AFFiNE 0.11.0 - Launch Week - Day 2/5: Docs & Edgeless Stylized. Embody Your Creativity Better, and Easier.

Yanxin Lu
Yuhang Zhao (Zoey)

Welcome to the captivating Day 2 of AFFiNE's 0.11.0 blog series. This update unveils a plethora of enhanced features:

  • Support elegantly adaptive note styles.

  • Flexibility to reposition, layer or reorder vairous blocks or elements in edgeless mode.

  • Introduce enthralling lightbox effects for vibrant presentations and the convenience for edgeless sharing.

Text: Unleashing a World of Creative Expression

1. New Fonts and Stylish Formatting in the Whiteboard

Ever felt limited by the available fonts and formatting on your whiteboard? We're changing that! Introducing a delightful array of new fonts and the much-awaited options for bold and italic text. Elevate your creative expressions with these diverse fonts and add emphasis to your messages with stylish formatting.

2. Dynamic Text Manipulation: Beyond Size and Style

Why stop at fonts and styles? Our latest update brings the ability to adjust the size and rotate your text, offering a new level of dynamism in presenting information. Following the video below to explore how this will transform your approach to designing and organizing content on the whiteboard?

Note: Where Elegance Meets Efficiency

1. Revolutionized Blocks: A New Era of Style

Our note blocks have been significantly enhanced with new styles: create vibrant stickers, textured backgrounds, paper-like effects, floating visuals, and cartoon cutouts. These enhancements, including customizable colours, shadows, and rounded corners, will transform your notes into visually captivating elements and enable you to craft even richer content on your whiteboard.

2. Adaptive Note Blocks: Customization Redefined

In addition to style, we've improved the functionality of note blocks. They are now auto-adaptive, allowing you to tailor their size, automatically expand to accommodate text and collapse as needed, with the text inside adjusting accordingly. This feature promises a new level of fluidity and customization in your note-taking and organizational processes. How do you plan to leverage this adaptability in your workflow?

The Lightbox for Presentation: Illuminate Your Ideas

Ready to make your presentations stand out? Our new lightbox effect brings a fresh, immersive way to showcase your ideas. Customize your experience by hiding the toolbar and the background. It focuses attention and adds a professional touch to your presentations. How do you plan to use the lightbox effect to captivate your audience?

Enhanced Convergence: Deepening the Intersection of Page and Edgeless Modes

1. Layer Mastery: Unleash Organizational Creativity

We know the frustration of not being able to reposition, layer, or reorder elements on a whiteboard, limiting content organization and emphasis during collaboration and presentations. Now we fixed this issue, and you can do it with ease and unlock your creativity!

2. Seamless Integration: Bringing Images to Life in Edgeless

In a significant leap forward, you can now frame images within edgeless spaces and insert them into pages. This enhancement showcases the deep integration between whiteboard functionality and linear editing, enriching the way you visualize and present content.

Edgeless Share: Seamless Sharing with Simple Click

Collaboration takes a front seat with our new edgeless sharing feature. Share your whiteboard effortlessly, ensuring seamless integration with your team's work.

As we wrap up Day 2 of our AFFiNE 0.11.0 series, we leave you with tools not just designed, but reimagined to transform your creative and productive endeavours. From the dynamic flexibility of text rotation and customizable fonts to the seamless integration of our advanced layering and sharing capabilities, each feature is a step towards a more fluid, intuitive digital workspace. Thank you for joining us on this journey of innovation. We eagerly await to see how these enhancements will reshape your work, inspire your creativity, and streamline your collaborations.

Get ready to unlock new levels of productivity

As we wrap up our AFFiNE 0.11.0 launch week, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your interest and backing. Our journey to optimize AFFiNE is ongoing, and we're dedicated to making it better. Now, let's take a brief moment to look back at the informative articles we shared throughout this dynamic launch week:

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