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Downhills Refresh Release Notes

Jackie Peng

The updated Downhills brings more reliability (by refactoring code, self-developed rich editor), slick experience, feasible Edgeless mode and a few other fixed bugs for you to use.

1) New Features

Apart from those fixed bugs, we also have been working on bettering our user experience with more comprehensive and cool features. Here are some new features coming soon:

2) Login/Logout

Making AFFiNE the most reliable all-in-one knowledge management base is one of our main concerns. We consistently work hard on fixing bugs and continue to work on developing and improving the user experience. Here are some issues, and bugs that are most concerned by our users and us:

3) Workspace CRUD

Workspaces revived major updates in the last release. A lot of focus is put into this feature as your journey with AFFiNE starts with a workspace. So it's important to make sure the process of creating, editing, reading, and deleting workspaces is fluent and intuitive. Here's how we have improved that process:

4) Invitation & collaboration

Building on workspaces, the collaboration features are core to enabling a multiplayer experience to allow you to create, edit and share with others. As such an integral part of AFFiNE, we continue to prioritise the stability and usability of this function. Some updates include:

5) Editor

The editor is one of the components you interact with most. It provides you with some of the most basic functionality, providing you with the necessary features to write your doc.

6) Persistence

We strongly believe that stable persistence matters a lot in terms of our user experience, since no one hopes to see their data lost or the state of the workspace that is not the same as the last time they opened it. Hence, there's a series of bugs being fixed as well.

7) UI style

The UI is important in allowing you to interact with AFFiNE and make use of its functions. We continue to adapt and improve our UI to ensure that users are able to easily find what they are looking at quickly and efficiently.

Your feedback and ideas are invaluable to us because this content is designed for you. So, let us know which parts you love, which parts you still have problems with, and what we can do to improve your experience. If you have anything to share, don't hesitate to reach out to us across any of our social channels.

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