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Feedback of AFFiNE users from all over the globe

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AFFiNE is on its way to surpassing 9K stars on Github, having topped Github Trending from its open source launch back at the beginning of August. We continue to focus on growing our AFFiNE community and continually communicate with them to help us further improve the product. From fixing bugs to new UI design ideas - our users play an integral part in the continued development of AFFiNE.

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Here's what some of those users had to say about us:

1. Bryan | Financial Technology CTO | Singapore

Bryan is a CTO in a financial technology company in Singapore, he has focused on open-source Notion alternatives for many years and has tried for Baserow, AppFlowy, Bookstack, and NocoDB, while he said that "But I haven't found anything that comes close except Affine, so I'm keeping my eye on it for future use." His key feature requests of AFFiNE are being able to freely Block switches, as well as supporting local storage, and being privacy first.

2. Edenilson L.R | Student & KOL | Salvadorian

Edenilson is now not only a student but also a KOL, posting several excellent videos on YouTube about Herramientas Digitales. He has used Notion, Logseq, and Google calendar, but: “For the moment I don't play any app.” His feedback using the AFFiNE live demo is "I'd like to continue using the app because had a nice design for the moment only I use it to test some actions because is a Demo and I don't like losing the date. And I also love can move the block, and edgeless mode.". The problems that plagued him were“ I use logseq because I do not have problem with the sync, because before I was using remote but my problem is that here in my country the internet is so bad. Another problem is the app can be connected with external apps closely.”, His main requirement for AFFiNE is that AFFiNE supports offline storage and can be integrated with external APIs.

3. JI hua | Math Student | China

Ji Hua is a math major and has used various productivity tools such as Notion and Wolai, but he says, "Now I use Wolai a lot. Originally, I was looking for the best note-taking software. After that, I realized that it's better to focus on the content seriously. His feedback on using AFFiNE is "Whiteboard is great! I hope it is compatible with Windows touch screen and can provide a server". His requirement for AFFiNE is that the software can support user localization and that the PC side can support touch screen operation in order to facilitate users' use of the whiteboard.

4. Advait Athreya | Student | US

He is a student at MIT CSB Ph.D. Program student, studying chromatin organization. He is now a heavy user of Notion and really likes notion's database views. After learning about AFFiNE, he said "I currently have too much stored in notion to be able to switch without an ability to bulk import". His main requirement for AFFiNE is that AFFiNE supports multi-view conversion and bulk import for databases.

5. Tiger | Senior SWE | Germany

He is now a Senior SWE focusing on Testing/TypeScript/Accessibility/CSS. He used to use Notion. He said "I used to use notion for journaling for a while, but its too bloated. atm i take notes on vscode.". His favorite products are "my fav so far has been inkdrop, markdown note taking app, also quite simple. I like minimal things.". His main needs for AFFiNE are simplicity of operation and markdown support.

6. Antonio | Startup Founder | Italy

Antonio is the founder of a startup in Italy and he would like to integrate AFFiNE with his organization. His team like to extend and integrate functions in their services. He said: "Callbacks, webhook, or custom plugin it's really important for us!" He works with his team members online, and shares the team content with other team members. The need of his team for AFFiNE is a token-based login for integrating Affine in their solution internal project management.

7. Ed Nico | Knowledge Worker | UAE

Ed is a big fan of tools for thought apps and everything surrounding them. He is a big user of Logseq and Obsidian and looks forward to learning more about AFFiNE. He needs the right tool to help capture all his notes and a quick way to access content, so he is excited by AFFiNE "as it seems to have everything [he] needs and a very streamlined UX/UI".

8. Azure | Ph.D. Student, Department of Philosophy | Taiwan

Azure is a philosophy Ph.D. student, and she also has tried so many different productivity tools with various user cases, such as writing papers with note-taking software and combing through information about her favorite tennis teams with the whiteboard tools. She is a paid subscriber to Coda, Airtable, Heptabse and wolai. As for the whiteboard mode, she hopes that the different cards can be collapsible and the size of individual Block-groups can be scalable. In document editing mode, she would like to add a hover table of contents in a two-way link state, and the hover table of contents can be edited separately. She hopes that AFFiNE can first reach the Cloverapp and Heptabase level of user experience.

9. Leonard | Cognitive Linguistics Scholar | China

He is learning German and Latin, cognitive science, and metaphysics (with a special love for Socrates), and also a PKM software explorer. Currently, he is working on a project of cognitive linguistic on improving people's Academic English Writing abilities from a construction grammar perspective. He's also begun learning python and swift.He loves experimenting on new productivity software and customizing them, constantly improving his workflow and giving it a sense of meaning. He enjoys sharing with others his exclusive collection of "productivity tools" and how to personalize them in order to assist more people find and love the tools that they see fit , so people are not distracted by technology and can unleash their creativity more freely! And that's why AFFiNE has gained his attention - a product with a lot of potential.

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