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Import your data from Notion into AFFiNE

Christopher Smolak

Maybe you are coming from another app, such as Notion, and have a large workspace of work you don't want to lose. No problem! We want you to be able to enjoy AFFiNE, and take control of your data - so we have added import support from Notion. There are a few steps that need to be completed so we'll guide you through that now.

Exporting from Notion

First thing to do is export your data from Notion.


Importing Into AFFiNE

The procedure is:

  • Head to All pages

  • Import page (from New Page more options)

  • Select Notion

  • Select your Notion .zip export file


Things to bear in mind

Not all features are supported one-to-one but we are continuing to improve compatibility. So things like Databases may not export perfectly into AFFiNE. More discussion can be found here:

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