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Maximize Your Productivity: Utilize Top 10 Time-Blocking Templates (Weekly, Daily, and Monthly)

Yanxi Liu

In a day with only 24 hours, it often feels like time slips away before we can finish all our tasks. As deadlines approach, that moment of realization hits: "I haven't even started this task yet." Whether you're a project manager, student, social media event planner, or in any other role, Time Blocking Templates can be a game-changer, helping you streamline your workflow and stay on top of things.

This is particularly crucial when overseeing a team or managing projects. While time management techniques like time blocking can be incredibly effective, they might seem daunting initially, especially if you're new to them.

You might be wondering:

  • What Does a Time Blocking Template Do?

  • Why should I use a time-blocking template?

  • What are the essential elements of the best time-blocking template?

  • What are the top Time-Blocking Templates to look for?

In this article, we address these questions about time blocking and provide you with the top 10 time-blocking templates to empower you to reclaim control over your day! 💪

What Does a Time-Blocking Template Do?

A time-blocking template is a tool to help you schedule and prioritize your tasks effectively. These templates segment your day into 15-, 30-, and 60-minute intervals, ensuring a task-oriented approach, minimizing distractions, and making your multitasking easy.

Why Use Time-Blocking Template


  1. Focused Work: Picture your day as a puzzle. Time-blocking templates help you place each task in its puzzle piece, so you can focus on one thing at a time without distractions.

  2. Get Things Done: Think of time blocks as your personal superhero schedule. They swoop in, organize your tasks, and guide you through a productive day, ensuring you get more done.

  3. Task Superpowers: With time-blocking, you become the superhero of task prioritization. You can decide which tasks are like saving the world (urgent) and which can wait until later (less urgent).

  4. Time Wizard: Time-blocking is your magical time-turner. It helps you manage your day like a wizard, ensuring you use every minute wisely and keep your workload balanced.

What are the Essential Elements of Best Time-blocking Template


  1. Fixed Time Blocks: Assign specific time slots for different activities consistently each day to create a structured schedule.

  2. Dynamic Time Blocks: Customize time blocks daily based on priorities and needs for flexibility in adapting to changing demands.

  3. **Eisenhower Matrix:**Categorize tasks into urgency and importance levels to prioritize and allocate time blocks accordingly.

  4. Day Theming: Designate specific themes to different days for focused work on particular tasks or areas.

  5. Task Batching: Group similar tasks together and allocate dedicated time blocks for efficient completion.

Top 10 Time-Blocking Templates You Should Download Now

AFFiNE Four Quadrant Time-Blocking Template


The AFFiNE Four Quadrant Time-Blocking Template is a structured approach to time management that divides tasks into four quadrants based on their importance and urgency. This method helps individuals prioritize their activities effectively by categorizing them according to these two key dimensions.


  • This template helps individuals prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency.

  • Enables users to allocate time efficiently to tasks that align with their goals and priorities.

  • Encourages proactive planning and addressing important tasks before they become urgent.

  • Productivity can be significantly increased by focusing on important tasks and minimizing time spent on non-essential activities.

Usage Cases:

Quadrant 1, comprising tasks that are both important and urgent, demands immediate attention as they are crucial to your goals or responsibilities. As for Quadrant 2 tasks, important yet not urgent, are vital for long-term success and should be planned and focused on to prevent future urgency. For Quadrant 3 tasks, although urgent, are not important and often serve as distractions that do not contribute significantly to your goals. Finally for Quadrant 4 tasks, neither important nor urgent, are low priority and can be considered time-wasters.

AFFiNE 45 Minutes Daily Time-Blocking Template


The AFFiNE 45 Minutes Daily Time-Blocking Template involves dividing your day into specific 45-minute time blocks. These blocks provide a structured framework for efficiently allocating tasks you intend to complete.


  • Dedicated 45-minute blocks help maintain focus on specific tasks without distractions.

  • Assigning tasks to time blocks ensures a clear plan for the day's activities.

  • Breaking the day into manageable segments can boost productivity and task completion.

  • By adhering to set time blocks, you can better manage your schedule and prioritize tasks effectively.

Usage Cases:

For work projects, allocating focused time within these 45-minute blocks allows for concentrated effort on key projects and deliverables. Similarly, dividing study sessions into these structured blocks enhances learning efficiency and retention. Personal development activities such as reading, exercise, or skill-building can be prioritized by dedicating specific blocks to these growth-oriented tasks. Furthermore, scheduling meetings and calls within designated time blocks streamlines communication and ensures that these interactions are efficiently integrated into the daily schedule.

ClickUp Hourly Work Schedule Template


This template is a great tool to map our your work schedule by the hour. This template has 3 different views to track employees if they’re paid by the hour and has customization features to keep track of your tasks.


  • Utilize multiple views to see the tasks.

  • Clearly state each hour's tasks.

Usage Cases:

People who want to know the specific details of the tasks and want to note down the frequency as well as the time schedule for each hour are sutiable for this template.

Clockify 7-Day Weekly Time Blocking Planner (1-hour intervals)


In case you work the weekends or the notion of time blocking your free time sounds like it may help you make the most out of your days, the 7-Day Weekly Time Blocking Planner template could be a great option.


  • This weekly planner template is broken down into a 7-day workweek

  • With each day divided into 1-hour intervals, spanning over 24 hours of the day.

Usage Cases:

This time management template is perfect for freelancers or regular employees who often need to block time for work and other errands over the weekends, as well as over the weekdays.

Clockify 24-hour daily Time Blocking Planner


The 24-Hour Daily Time Blocking Planner template provides a comprehensive scheduling tool that covers both work hours and off-hours in 1-hour intervals throughout the day. It is particularly useful for individuals seeking to manage their time effectively across the entire 24-hour period.


  • It accommodates a wide range of activities, including work tasks and personal time, within a single day.

  • Ideal for individuals with non-traditional work schedules, night owls, freelancers, and those working across different time zones.

Usage Cases:

Suitable for individuals who want to plan their entire day, including work and personal activities, in 1-hour increments. Helpful for freelancers, night owls, and individuals working in non-traditional work settings. Useful for managing tasks that extend beyond standard work hours or when collaborating with teams in different time zones.

Smartsheet Daily Time Blocking Template


This daily time-blocking template is designed for busy team members with numerous tasks, allowing them to segment their to-do lists into 15-minute intervals. Unlike weekly or monthly templates, the daily format emphasizes detailed planning within short time frames.


  • Transform your task list into a well-organized work plan by allocating estimated times for daily tasks into specific time blocks.

  • Customizable time increments cater to individual preferences.

  • Optimize productivity by scheduling tasks at the most suitable times of the day.

Usage Cases:

Ideal for busy team members managing multiple tasks daily. Effective for breaking down tasks into short intervals for focused work. Helps in strategic planning by allocating specific time slots for tasks. Customizable to suit individual scheduling preferences.

Smartsheet Weekly Time Blocking Template


This customizable template offers a comprehensive weekly view in 30-minute increments, facilitating planning, execution, and reflection on work, efficiency, and leisure time.


  • Tailor your to-do list items to fit your schedule.

  • Allocate time for creativity and prioritize tasks based on timing.

  • Encourages reflection and note-taking for better time management insights.

Usage Cases:

Ideal for planning, executing, and reflecting on weekly tasks. Useful for scheduling creative activities and optimizing task prioritization based on time of day. Facilitates tracking time spent on routine tasks for improved efficiency.

Smartsheet Monthly Time Blocking Template


Utilize this template to structure projects and tasks around established deadlines, financial calendar constraints, or other factors necessitating a broader perspective.


  • Map tasks to specific days for effective planning and communication with teams.

  • Visual guide for upcoming work.

Usage Cases:

Ideal for long-term planning, sharing timelines with teams, and as a roadmap for future tasks.

Notion Daily Diary with Time Blocking Template


This template is perfect for anyone seeking a minimalist time-blocking Notion template. Instead of simple tables or databases, this template organizes time blocks in Callout blocks nested in a toggle for each day, ensuring all your blocks stay nice and tidy.


  • Users can write down their feelings of the day beyond the function of task reminder but a daily recorder.

  • This template Utilize different blocks like ticks, calendars, as well as sticker notes to remind the users.

Usage Cases:

Users who enjoy daily writing and noting specific details are super suitable for this template.

Asana Time Blocking Template Monthly



  • Visually schedule time blocks on your calendar so your work can’t be interrupted or scheduled over.

  • Grouping tasks into one concentrated block of time.

Usage Cases:

It is useful when people are too forgettable and need a tight reminder of what exact task is urgent.

Select the best Time-Blocking Templates that align with your personal habits.

Creating effective Time-Blocking Templates is essential for individuals to manage time properly and provide groups with a clear view to check the tasks, which can boost productivity and achieve consistent outcomes. This article provides the Top 10 Time-Blcoking Templates to assist you in creating customized Time-Blocking Templates that align with your specific requirements.

Furthermore, incorporating the right tools into your learning process can significantly streamline your workflow. We have carefully examined several top-notch free tools, such as AFFiNE, asana, ClickUp, Clockify, Notion, and Smartsheet. These tools offer a wide array of features that simplify the creation, collaboration, and management of Time-Blocking Templates.

In particular, AFFiNE is about to launch its stable version and continues to enhance its capabilities with additional features and stability. We invite you to join us on our journey through our various media platforms to stay updated and actively participate in shaping the future of AFFiNE.

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