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What's new - AFFiNE 0324

Jackie Peng

The updated AFFiNE(Downhills version) brings a more powerful edgeless mode (by supporting far more settings of pen, shape etc.), a slick experience, and a few other fixed bugs for you to use.

1) Improvement

Making AFFiNE the most reliable all-in-one knowledge management base is one of our main concerns. We consistently work hard on developing and improving the user experience. Here are some improvements that are most imperative for users:

  • Improved: AFFiNE(Downhills version) supports far more settings for the pen colour, thickness, shape replacement and shortcut key to trigger in Edgeless mode. Let's release your creativity!



2) Bug fixed

Several bugs and issues that were reported by our users have also been addressed. These bug fixes include:

  • Fixed: Unable to resolve playground modules after bumping to TypeScript 5.0 (#1755)

  • Fixed: Unable to paste content in block-level selection state (#620)

  • Fixed: Cursor doesn't go to the end of the line for line-breaks (#1382)

  • Fixed: Edgeless frame content overflow (#1288)

  • Fixed: Unexpected cursor after indenting multiple list blocks (#978)

  • Fixed: Line number won't display for new code block #1717

  • Fixed: Sidebar can not be scrolled #1592

    • Details: When the number of pages in the sidebar exceeds the available space, the scrolling functionality becomes unavailable. And now this bug has been addressed within this new updated version, it is allowing users to scroll through the entire list of pages in the sidebar.

    • Link:

We highly value your feedback and ideas, as you are of utmost importance to us. We would be absolutely thrilled to hear what aspects of our work you find most useful and which areas you feel require improvement. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through any of our social media channels to share your valuable insights. We are eagerly looking forward to hearing from you!!

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