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What's new - AFFiNE - 20231128

Yanxin Lu
Yuhang Zhao (Zoey)

In the updated stable version, new features in the whiteboard and database are designed to streamline workflow, enhance data management, and provide a more intuitive and flexible user experience. Whether it's through improved text formatting options or advanced database functionalities, users can now manage and present their data more effectively and efficiently.

New Fonts and Stylish Formatting in the Whiteboard

Introducing our latest feature update: a delightful array of new fonts, accompanied by the highly anticipated options for bold and italic text! Now, users can elevate their creative expressions with a diverse selection of fonts, while also emphasizing their message through bold or italic formatting. It's time to explore the enhanced possibilities of text customization in our newest update.

Unveiling Edgeless Sharing: Your Creations Break Free!

Not content with just sharing pages? In the latest beta version, AFFiNE takes it up a notch by introducing the sharing of edgeless mode! Now, you can craft your captivating creations on the whiteboard and share them with the world through public or private links. Let your artistic brilliance be seen by a wider audience – unleash the charm of your creations!

Advanced Database Functionalities: Streamlining Data Management

1. Keyword Search Within Databases

Our database tool now boasts an advanced keyword search functionality. This feature enables users to swiftly locate specific entries or information within the database, significantly enhancing efficiency and data accessibility.

2. Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Line Reordering

Enhancing the user experience, the database now allows for effortless reordering of entries. The intuitive drag-and-drop feature provides a seamless way to organize and prioritize database lines, making data management more user-friendly and flexible.

3. Properties Control: Visibility Management

The new 'Properties' feature in our database tool introduces an innovative way to control the visibility of different columns. Users can now customize their database views by choosing which columns are visible, allowing for a more streamlined and personalized data-handling experience.

4. Field-based Filtering

Our database tool has been further enhanced with a 'filter' function. This allows users to filter data based on specific fields, enabling more targeted and efficient data retrieval. This feature is particularly useful for managing large datasets and focusing on relevant data subsets.

5. Reorganization and Regrouping of Databases

A significant addition to our database functionalities is the ability to reorganize and regroup data. This feature provides users with the flexibility to rearrange their databases according to changing needs and preferences, offering a higher level of customization in data management.

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