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What's new - AFFiNE - July 2024 Update


Release note 0.15


A beautifully designed mindmap and a new edgeless toolbar have been introduced in version 0.15! Now, you can effortlessly create stylish mindmaps with just a single drag and drop.

We're so proud of our mindmap that we've implemented a "Hot reloader" for it.

Center Peek: Preview and Edit Your Content Without Switching

Offering whiteboard and spatial blocks has always been at the heart of Affine. Since version 0.8, cross-frames from the edgeless mode can be seamlessly integrated as blocks in the page mode, allowing you to enrich your pages with whiteboard contents like comments, mindmaps, and slides. With Center Peek, you can now instantly preview and edit your referenced content exactly where it is.

Moreover, the power of Center Peek extends beyond shared frames. As its name suggests, you can peek and navigate through all your linked documents with the all-new Center Peek feature. Simply use Shift+Click to open any document in Center Peek. If you prefer, you can use Cmd+Click to open documents in a new tab when split view is enabled.

One Whiteboard, Multiple Pages: Synced Docs

Transclusion—the ability to include or directly use another page as a card—is now officially supported in Affine 0.15. Simply convert any mention or card into an "embed view" in your page mode. They will sync in real-time across all instances where they are used. Who says real-time collaboration is only for multi-users? Your notes can now seamlessly interact in real-time!

"It really helps to have multiple pages on one whiteboard to sort out concepts!"—a frequent suggestion from many of our users, and we've listened. A robust visualized PKM should enable sorting and editing multiple pages concurrently on the same edgeless whiteboard. Synced documents are also designed to perform flawlessly on the whiteboard.

Advancing Multimodal AI: Small Step Towards Enhancing Workflow Efficiency and Empathy of LLMs

At the moment, LLM-based AIs often fall short when it comes to being as empathetic as humans... Not yet. However, AI has indeed become as fundamental as electricity and water in the digital world, bringing enhancements and benefits to a multitude of scenarios. Presently, large language models have gradually transcended beyond linguistic constraints, gaining the ability to understand and generate images, videos, and even interactive programs. If you can articulate your needs accurately, these large language models can indeed streamline many processes and even spark inspiration.

At AFFiNE, we believe that multimodal AI necessitates a multimodal human-computer interaction interface. We're persistently enhancing the AI's comprehension and the capability to generate creative works such as article polishing, content development, mind maps, presentations, and even the creation of mini-programs and UI mock-ups. Now, AFFiNE AI actively engages with your open doc and selections, so that it's always ready to work with your context with your permission and request.

After you create a new document, we've prepared a series of concise tutorials oriented around common scenarios. These tutorials demonstrate how AI can help expedite your workflows. To access them, simply click on the AI button.

Edgeless Text & New Templates (Experimental)

Our previous canvas text had limitations—it wasn't a block editor. Considering that design-focused tools like Miro, Whimsical, Canva, and Figma have transformed "text" into a shape on the canvas, we believe it makes more sense to treat them as structured "notes." Surely, you'd want your slides and sticky notes to include structured elements like numbered lists and document mentions, right? That's why we've completely overhauled the canvas text with our block editor!

This undertaking was massive in scope, so special thanks to our developers who made it possible.

Quick Connector with Text Support

Connectors are now more aesthetically pleasing, featuring improved curve shapes and optimized connecting paths. Additionally, shortcuts for quick connections and text labels have been introduced!

Upcoming: Database, Mobile Prototyping

Stay tuned for database with notes, AI and our new mobile prototyping. See you in 6 weeks.

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