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Best 10 Free Online AI Presentation Maker for Generating Project in Minutes, 2024.

Shuangcao Li

Hey there! Ready to level up your presentation game with the Top 10 Free Online AI Presentation Makers for 2024? These awesome tools are like your secret weapon in the world of presentations. Whether you're a pro looking to streamline your work or a student aiming to impress, these platforms have got your back. They're packed with cool features like automatic design tweaks and smart content suggestions to help you create stunning presentations in no time. Let's dive in and discover how these top-notch tools can take your projects to the next level!

Why Do We Need AI Presentation Makers?


  • Time Efficiency: AI drastically reduces the time required to create presentations, allowing users to generate comprehensive slides in minutes.

  • Design Enhancement: AI tools offer advanced design capabilities, automatically improving the visual appeal of presentations without the need for specialized design skills.

  • Content Optimization: They can analyze and optimize content for clarity and impact, ensuring that key messages are communicated effectively.

  • Personalization: AI presentation makers can tailor presentations to the audience's preferences and interests, enhancing engagement and comprehension.

  • Stress Reduction: By automating the design process, AI reduces the stress and anxiety often associated with creating presentations, allowing users to focus on their content and delivery.

Best 10 Free Online AI Presentation Maker for Generating Project in Minutes, 2024.

In the rapidly evolving world of 2024, there is an increasing demand for efficient presentation creation tools. With the emergence of AI technology, creating engaging and professional presentations has become more accessible and convenient. We have compiled a list of the top 10 free online AI presentation makers that can assist you in generating your projects in a matter of minutes. These tools use AI to create presentations, making them valuable for professionals, educators, and students.

1. Canva

Canva is an easy to use graphic design and video editing tool that allows you to design and publish anything using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Canva's users can choose from thousands of design layouts for any project, including presentations, social media videos, posters, flyers, invitations and more.

Known for its user-friendly interface, Canva offers an AI-powered design assistant, Magic Design, that lets you input any media or prompt and transform it into a customised design that matches your desired content and context. With a huge library of templates and design elements, Canva makes it easy to create professional presentations by transforming text and images into personalised, beautiful designs in no time at all.


Top Features of 
Canva AI:

  • Create high-quality images and illustrations instantly: Just enter simple text prompts to generate top-notch images and illustrations in seconds. Whether you need visuals for social media posts, birthday invitations or business presentations, Canva AI makes it easy to get unique and eye-catching visuals.

  • Increase engagement with video avatars: Providing AI-generated video avatars can make your presentations more engaging. Especially in today's world of remote work, keeping your team's attention is crucial, and these animated avatars can take your presentations to the next level.

  • Add voiceover to your designs: With Canva AI's voice app, you can easily add narration to your designs. Whether you're creating an educational video, explaining visuals in a presentation, or adding a novel voice to an advert or social media content, these AI voice apps are a simple and powerful way to grab attention.

  • Explore and create new tunes: Canva AI also has AI-powered music apps that let you add music to your designs. Whether you want to enhance a video, add a musical intro, or play background music during a virtual presentation, Canva AI's music apps can do it in seconds.

2. is a cloud-based presentation creation platform designed to enable anyone to create beautiful presentations using intelligent templates. The solution helps teams create and share custom presentations with consistent branding, colours, fonts, logos and other content in a single searchable library.


Top Features of

  • Intuitive Design Suggestions: streamlines the design process by offering intuitive suggestions to enhance presentations. Users benefit from time-saving recommendations that improve the visual appeal and effectiveness of their slides, making the design process more efficient and less cumbersome.

  • Narration Feature for Personal Touch: adds an extra layer of communication by allowing users to narrate their slides, injecting a personal touch into their presentations. This feature enables presenters to convey their message in their own voice, fostering a deeper connection with the audience and enhancing engagement.

  • Smart Slide Templates: provides a collection of smart slide templates designed to simplify the creation process. These templates automatically adjust and align content as users add or modify it, ensuring that the presentation maintains a polished and cohesive look without requiring manual adjustments.

3. Slidebean

Slidebean is a complete slideshow maker that helps you build stunning presentations from scratch or edit existing ones using a beautiful & an intuitive drag & drop editor.

At the core of Slidebean offerings is the Pitch Deck Builder, a powerful feature that allows users to create impressive and investor-ready pitch decks. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of professionally designed templates, Slidebean enables founders to craft compelling presentations that effectively communicate their ideas and vision.

In addition to the Pitch Deck Builder, Slidebean offers a comprehensive suite of services to cater to the specific needs of startups. The platform provides expert assistance in various areas, including presentation design, pitch deck writing, financial modeling, and pitch deck design. Whether you need help refining your pitch deck content or require guidance in building a solid financial model, Slidebean's team of experts is ready to lend a hand.


Top Features of 

  • Pitch Deck Creation and Enhancement: User-friendly interface and professionally designed templates for creating impressive pitch decks.Pitch deck services including design, writing, and financial modeling to refine and enhance presentations for investors.Design service ensuring visually appealing and professional pitch decks.

  • Fundraising Assistance: Fundraising kit offering tools such as surveys, video tutorials, and auto-generated documents to prepare for pitching and connect with investors. Investor finder & CRM to identify and connect with potential investors, streamlining the investor discovery process.

  • Startup Support and Resources: Comprehensive toolkit providing everything founders need to build pitch decks, set up their company, and gain traction. Startup lessons through blog, knowledge base, and YouTube covering various topics related to startups and entrepreneurship.

  • Ease of Use and Support: User-friendly interface designed for simplicity and ease of use. Support and consultation services offered to assist founders at every step of their pitching journey.


AFFiNE stands out as a state-of-the-art AI content creation app and lets you write, draw, plan, and present all in one place. meticulously crafted to employ AI to streamline the organization, management, and collaboration on tasks, projects, and real-time information. What distinguishes AFFiNE is its unique offering as a free program, leveraging offline technology to ensure accessibility for all users.

AFFiNE AI's presentation-making feature is designed to transform complex texts and notes into clear and concise PowerPoint presentations. Its presentation generator swiftly creates high-quality presentations, enabling users to concentrate on their content while AFFiNE handles the design aspects. Once the presentation is ready, users can effortlessly present it directly on AFFiNE, facilitating an efficient visual display that enhances your presentation.

Top Features of AFFiNE AI:

  • Collaborative editing support: AFFiNE AI promotes teamwork by allowing multiple users to collaborate on presentations at the same time. Whether you're brainstorming, refining content, or touching up design elements, everyone can contribute in real time, increasing productivity and fostering creativity.

  • Seamless integration across modes: Enjoy smooth transitions between AFFiNE AI's different modes, including document mode, borderless mode, and compatibility with PowerPoint. This seamless integration ensures flexibility in designing and presenting content, whether you're creating a traditional document, a visually stunning borderless design, or preparing a presentation in PowerPoint.

  • Create presentations with ease: With AFFiNE AI, creating engaging presentations is a snap. From outlining key points to choosing the right visual effects, AFFiNE AI streamlines the entire presentation creation process, saving you time and effort.

  • Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Content: Enhance the quality of your content with the advanced features of AFFiNE AI. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to refine your presentation content by requesting touch-ups, text expansion or compression, tone adjustments, language translation, and other tasks. Whether you need to refine visuals, streamline messaging, or localise content for different audiences, AFFiNE AI allows you to effortlessly improve the quality of your content.

5. Visme

Visme offers a comprehensive suite of design tools, allowing users to create presentations effortlessly. Its AI Designer generates stunning presentations based on user prompts, offering a wide range of customization options to ensure your presentation matches your vision perfectly.


Top Features of 
Visme AI:

  • Extensive Customization Options: Visme offers an array of customization features, empowering users to personalize their presentations to suit their specific preferences and branding requirements. Users can effortlessly adjust color themes, select from a diverse range of fonts, and seamlessly integrate their brand elements into their presentations for a cohesive and professional look.

  • Access to Royalty-Free Library: Visme provides access to a comprehensive library of royalty-free resources, including high-quality photos, engaging videos, and captivating graphics. With this extensive collection, users can easily find the perfect visuals to enhance their presentations, without worrying about copyright infringement.

  • Text Content Assistance: Visme offers robust tools to assist users with various aspects of text content creation and refinement. These tools encompass writing assistance, proofreading functionalities, summarization features, and the ability to adjust the tone of the content, ensuring that the text is polished, concise, and effectively communicates the intended message.

6. Slides AI

SlidesAI is an AI-based presentation plugin for Google Slides. While many AI tools are built as standalone apps, if you are a regular Google Slides user, you may prefer to use your existing presentation software to edit your slide decks, rather than adopting a new tool.

If you’re already a Google Slides user, SlidesAI may be a good option for you. SlidesAI keeps it simple and focuses on generating simple, image + bullet-point slides. Most people use AI-generated presentations as a starting point, which means this structure can be more than enough to meet users' needs in many cases.

Slides AI revolutionizes the way presentations are made by simplifying the process of converting text into visually appealing slides. Users begin by inputting their desired text, which serves as the foundation for the presentation. Slide AI's intelligent algorithms then analyze and structure this content, transforming it into a polished presentation format. This innovative approach not only boosts efficiency but also democratizes design skills, allowing users to concentrate on the quality of their content without worrying about design complexities.


Top Features of 
Slides AI:

Content Generation and Customization: Quickly generate presentation content by simply entering a topic or prompt, with the AI providing content suggestions. Users have the freedom to edit and customize this content to enrich the presentation with relevant information.

Theme Customization: Offer pre-defined color palettes, fonts, and layouts that users can apply with a single click. Users can customize these themes by modifying colors, fonts, and layouts to ensure visually appealing and consistent presentations.

Enhanced Editing and Updating Features: The "Remix" feature provides a quick and efficient way to refresh slide layouts and text by offering different layout options. Magic Write offers a range of tools for rephrasing sentences, adjusting tone, searching for images, and improving slide readability, enhancing the attractiveness and visual effects of the presentation. The "History" feature records all changes made to slides, allowing users to view and revert to previous versions at any time.

7. Prezi

Prezi is a new kind of cloud-based software presentation that offers creative and colorful slides to its viewers. It also has a number of unique features that the users may find appealing. Like with PowerPoint, you can embed a video, either from a personal file or from YouTube, into your Prezi presentation.


Top Features of 

  • Zooming and Navigation: Prezi allows users to zoom in on topics and subtopics, treating each as a separate slide for fine adjustments. This zoom feature facilitates easy navigation and enables users to present complex ideas seamlessly.

  • Drag-and-Drop Slideshow Building: Prezi simplifies the creation of presentations with a drag-and-drop editor. Users can easily add elements like charts, media, and branding components, enhancing the visual appeal and professional quality of their slideshows.

  • Media Integration and Customization: With access to a vast media library, including royalty-free photos, GIFs, and stickers, Prezi enables users to enrich their presentations with engaging visuals. Users can customize media elements and apply professional branding to maintain consistency across slides.

  • Presenter Tools and Performance Analytics: Prezi provides various presenter tools such as Presenter view, Live Prezi, and Voice-over, enhancing the delivery of presentations. Additionally, the View Analytics tool offers insights into slideshow performance, allowing users to track engagement metrics and improve content effectiveness.

8. Tome

Tome is a SocialFi protocol within the Web3 ecosystem, fostering direct connections between content creators and their followers. It enables collaboration for content creation, tokenized access to chat rooms, and messaging features. Leveraging OpenAI's ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 technology, Tome provides AI-generated text, images, animations, videos, and graphs, catering to user instructions and audience preferences.


Top Features of 

  • Enhanced User Interaction: Tome introduces a separate public 'Story' page, allowing users to navigate between stories with ease and engage by sending direct messages. Additionally, content creators can now publish both public stories and private feeds, enabling increased interaction within the app.

  • Improved Content Management: The platform enhances content management capabilities by displaying each user's public Story and private feed on their profile page. Followers can bookmark profiles and share links, facilitating content discovery and user engagement.

  • Empowered Community Moderation: In the Chat Room, admins gain additional moderation tools such as muting, appointing/removing managers, and managing messages. Members can now reply, tag others, and manage their own messages, fostering a more controlled and interactive community environment.

  • Expanded Monetization Options: Tome introduces various monetization features, including displaying Keys sorted by price and holding value, offering custom affiliate links for content creators, and providing an SDK for partner companies. This expansion offers users and creators opportunities to earn commissions and monetize their content effectively.

9. Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI-powered video generator designed for enterprise and tech businesses, offering an efficient solution for creating, updating, and translating videos using AI avatars instead of actors or voiceovers. It simplifies the process, saving time and cost, while providing realistic avatars based on real actors for various applications such as employee onboarding, training, and customer tutorials.

Top Features of 

  • AI Video Avatars: Synthesia boasts a vast inventory of over 150 diverse AI avatars, each based on real actors, offering realistic and customizable options for video creation. Users can easily find and select avatars to suit their needs, enhancing the visual appeal of their videos.

  • Text-to-Speech Engine: With support for 120+ languages, accents, and voice tones, Synthesia's text-to-speech engine provides flexibility and customization options for avatar voices. However, the quality of voices can vary, requiring users to experiment to find the most suitable option for their content.

  • Presentation Design Tool: Synthesia's user-friendly interface and intuitive presentation builder simplify the process of creating engaging videos. Users can leverage features like animations, screen recording, and collaboration tools to enhance their presentations, despite some occasional lag in performance.

  • Customization and Automation: Synthesia offers customization options such as gesture controls for avatars and custom dictation for pronunciation instructions. Additionally, users can automate processes by integrating Synthesia with Zapier, streamlining workflows for personalized video creation and distribution.

10. Simplified

Simplified AI offers an AI Writing tool for creating social media posts, allowing users to choose from various templates and fill in prompts with keywords. The platform also provides an AI Designer tool for creating entire posts in multiple formats and an AI Writer tool for generating captions for social media posts.


Top Features of 

  • Comprehensive Content Creation: Simplified offers a range of features to streamline content creation, including a content rewriter tool for quickly expanding and rewriting copy across various formats such as articles, blogs, and social media posts.

  • AI-Powered Long-Form Content Generation: Simplified's standout feature is its ability to generate plagiarism-free, long-form content in over 30 languages and 10 tones, making it ideal for creating original, copyright-free content for books, websites, and essays.

  • AI Copywriting Capabilities: The app provides AI copywriting capabilities, enabling users to instantly generate keyword-focused business bios to enhance brand awareness and increase conversions.

  • User-Friendly Design Tools: Simplified offers AI-powered graphic design tools, millions of free photos, and thousands of design templates, allowing users to create visually appealing content effortlessly. It also provides features like background removal and instant resizing for various platforms, catering to the needs of both small teams and large agencies.

Which option suits you the best?

In conclusion, the evolution of AI technology has revolutionized the way we create presentations. The tools listed above offer a range of features and functionalities to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking to create a presentation for work, school, or personal projects, these free online AI presentation makers are sure to help you generate your project in minutes, embodying the essence of efficiency and creativity in the digital age.

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