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10 Best Airtable Alternatives to Manage Your Project Management in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Yanxi Liu

Airtable is a popular project management software that works like Excel or Google Sheets, with a spreadsheet-like interface. It's great for businesses that prefer the familiarity of spreadsheets and want to track their projects in a similar way.

But, Airtable does have its limitations. Its structured views and spreadsheet format may not be suitable for scaling your company, and it doesn't offer as many features as some other options available in the market.

Why Consider an Alternative to Airtable?

  1. Task Management Features: While Airtable allows you to create a spreadsheet grid for task assignment, it lacks built-in task management features. This means you'll have to manually edit the grid, which can become tedious, especially if you regularly assign tasks to your team.

  2. Communication Features: In today's remote work environment, effective communication and collaboration are crucial. Airtable's only collaboration option is through comments, which may be sufficient for basic feedback but falls short for complex discussions.

  3. Workflow Automation Tools: Workflow automation is an essential feature in project management tools. Unfortunately, Airtable lacks comprehensive automation capabilities.

  4. Cost: Airtable's pricing can be expensive, especially for larger teams. The Plus plan starts at $12 per month per user, meaning a team of 10 would cost $120 per month.

Fortunately, we have researched and found the best Airtable alternatives that address these limitations.

Top 10 Airtable alternatives in 2024

Looking for alternatives to Airtable? You're in luck! We've compiled a list of top Airtable alternatives for 2024. If you feel limited by Airtable's features, it's important to find a solution that suits your business model and makes you comfortable.



If you're seeking a recommendation for an app to help manage ADHD,AFFiNEcould be a strong contender. AFFiNE is an innovative application crafted to facilitate organization, task management, andcollaborationon various projects and information sets, particularly useful when overseeing a project. The standout feature of AFFiNE is its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity; it is a complimentary, open-source platform that leverages offline capabilities, ensuring that it remains accessible to users regardless of their internet connectivity status.

Key Features:

  • Write, Draw, and Plan All-in-One: Enjoy your all-in-one KnowledgeOS solution for effortlessly writing, drawing, and planning on a hyper-fused platform. It supports kanban, table, and rich-text paragraphs as building blocks to form pages or whiteboards. It carries out integrated processing here in document editing, data processing, or brainstorming.


  • Collaborative Capabilities: For group work, the app should have collaborative features, making it easy to share and coordinate projects with others in your group work.


  • Offline Accessibility: The best task management tool should allow users to access their essential details offline. This feature is particularly valuable when going outside with limited internet connectivity.


Pricing: Free! If you are interested, please check the specific Pricing plan.



Monday.comis one of the top Airtable alternatives if you are looking for a functional yet clear way to manage your projects. While Airtable uses tables to store and manage data, is guided by tasks. The platform offers task management, dependency tracking and several app integrations, such as Slack, Jira, Asana and HubSpot CRM.

Key features:

  • Boards & Columns

  • Tasks automation

  • Checklists

  • Apps Integration

  • File views, Kanban views, form views, chart views

Pricing: has a free plan for up to 2 users with some feature limitations. Basic plans start at $8/user/month. Get a 14-day free trial.

3. ClickUp


ClickUp is an alternative to Airtable with a highly efficient dashboard view and collaboration features. The platform free version offers features that you only get in the paid plan of Airtable, such as goals, embedded emails, conditional automation, task checklists, custom task statuses, sprints, and 24/7 support. ClickUp also offers native email, several templates and free integrations, which makes it one of the top Airtable alternatives.

Key Features:

  • Workload view

  • Team chat

  • Smart Notification

Pricing: ClickUp has a free plan, with paid plan options starting at $5 per member, per month.

4. Notion


Notion is another one of the most popular Airtable alternatives because it offers spreadsheet-styled project management capabilities using its ‘tables’ feature. From there you can adjust the functions of the columns and rows similarly to how you would in most other spreadsheet applications. Notion also allows you to view your table in a calendar and list view, giving you the ability to approach your spreadsheet from different perspectives quickly.

Key Features:

  • Create calendar and list views of your table

  • Save your table as a template button for future use

  • Includes several other useful project management tools

Pricing: You can try Notion for free with limited features and they offer paid plans for small teams and big companies starting at $8/user/month.

5. Jira


Jira is a project management tool geared specifically towards Agile and Scrum software development teams.

Originally created as a bug-tracking tool, Jira evolved over the years to become a highly customizable management software.


  • Flexible Agile views with a customizable Scrum and Kanban board

  • Detailed reports including velocity charts, burn up charts, burndown charts, etc.

  • Customizable project dashboards

  • Power search to find a specific task

Pricing: Jira offers free plan includes basic agile project managementfeatures for up to 10 team members, with premium plan that cose for $14/month per user that has additional functionality and unlimited storage.

6. nTask


Another one of the top Airtable alternatives is nTask, a project, task and team management application that helps track and organize your company’s workflow. The software has risk management and issue-tracking features to monitor risks that can derail a project. nTask offers meeting management tools to coordinate agendas with your team members and clients. Like Airtable, nTask also offers Gantt charts and Kanban boards for different views of tasks within a single interface and for tracking the project’s performance as it develops.

Key features:

  • Gantt Chart and Kanban board

  • Time-tracking & timesheet

  • Risk management

Pricing: There is a free version for anyone who would like to use the software with limited features, then you have the option to access more tools starting at $3/user/month.

7. Zoho Sheet


Zoho Sheet is a free collaborative spreadsheet tool that you can consider as an alternative to Airtable. The cloud-based software allows users to organize data with an automated processor and use AI-assisted analysis for data handling and management. It also includes interactive application building tools with automatic data cleaning features.

One thing to note is that while Airtable has a bigger customer base, Zoho Sheet offers customer support via phone, which can be a great help depending on the type of issues you’re trying to fix. Zoho Sheet also has the ability to import data from a variety of sources, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Excel spreadsheets making it easy to bring all of your data together in one place (another reason it’s one of our favorite Airtable alternatives).

Key Features:

  • Advanced formulas and over 350 functions, with advanced functions like VLOOKUP and XMATCH

  • Visualize data with charts, graphs, and pivot tables to analyze and identify patterns or trends

  • Multiple users can collaborate on a single document in real-time and share data

  • Mobile app that allows users to access their spreadsheets on-the-go

Pricing: Zoho Sheet is free to use if you sign up for a Zoho account. They offer paid plans to unlock more features for small teams and big companies starting at $8/user/month.

8. Stackby


Stackby is an excellent task management alternative to Airtable due to its highly customizable design. Like Airtable, it offers spreadsheet-style databases that make it easy to manage and organize data.

Stackby has the ability to connect with various business APIs allowing for real-time updates within your spreadsheets and databases, eliminating the need for manual updates, a feature not as flexible in Airtable. Stackby doesn’t have a steep learning curve, facilitating onboarding and adaptability.

Key Features:

  • Advanced database features like data linking between tables and data grouping for organized views

  • Custom API integrations with services like YouTube, Google Analytics, etc.

  • User-level permission settings

**Pricing:**Stackby has a free forever plan, with the only limit being the number of rows and attachment storage you can get per stack. Paid plans start at $4 for single users and $8/user/month for teams.

9. Smartsheet


Smartsheet is one of the best Airtable alternatives, but it also provides some additional features that you don’t get with Airtable. With its powerful tracking functions and a built-in resource management tool, Smartsheet gives its users great customization options and excellent project management tools.

Key Features:

  • Team portals to connect users

  • Built-in resource management tool

Pricing: Available to try for 14 days for free, you can try this program out without the obligations of a monthly fee. If you want to upgrade to the paid version, individual plans start at $7/month, and enterprise businesses should call to get a price.

10. Podio


Podio is a task management alternative to Airtable with simple interface, efficient automation, strong integrations and affordable plans. While Airtable offers more flexibility in terms of customization, including formulas, pivot tables, and custom views, it can also have a steep learning curve. It’s quite common to need an Airtable consultant coming in to teach your team how to use the platform or to build specific automation on the platform.

With Podio, you might not have this extra cost, but also might have limited capabilities. But if you have a large team, Podio might not be a solution for you. Their free plan allows only five users. While it’s on our Airtable alternatives list, this is something to consider when evaluating tools.

Key Features:

  • File sharing

  • Extensions

  • Feature Index

  • Mobile Apps

  • Task Management

Pricing: Podio’s paid plan starts at $11.20 per month.

Start your project management journey with AFFiNE


While there are numerous free alternatives to Airtable, one tool that stands out is AFFiNE. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, AFFiNE elevates your project management experience. It offers a diverse array of customizable templates and elements, enabling you to bring your ideas to life. Whether you're taking notes, creating your yearly plan, or designing a daily routine, AFFiNE has you covered. It provides the flexibility to incorporate images and text, enhancing your overall productivity.

Now that you have learned about the definition and creation of a storyboard, it's time to put your knowledge into action. And what better way to do that than with AFFiNE? Commence improving your plans by using AFFiNE's user-friendly tool. Presently, AFFiNE has launched its Stable Version, with ongoing efforts to develop a more comprehensive and dependable iteration. Join us on our voyage through our social media channels and be part of the experience. Come and join us on our journey over on our media platforms. 🚀

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