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AFFiNE 0.10.0 - Launch week - Day 2/5: Filter, Find, Collect, Control What are Important

Yuhang Zhao (Zoey)
Yanxin Lu

Welcome to Day 2 of our launch week! Experience a transformed collection feature that introduces manual multi-page selection, rule-based filtering, supercharged navigation with Command+K. Your workflow will never be the same.

Easy as a folder, advanced as a filter -- A Revitalized Collection

We all became too used to the convenience of dragging and dropping files into folders, even though we once despised managing a mess of too many folders and complicated paths. Our collection aims to solve this problem. The redesigned collection undergoes a remarkable transformation, boasting enhancements encompassing the concurrent support for manual multi-page selection and the capability to incorporate articles into the collection through predefined rules. It further facilitates the effortless removal of articles from the collection, with rules that are now more accessible and user-friendly.

1. Adding Pages Manually with Multi-Selection to Enhance Your Collections

You can add pages to a newly created collection by either manually selecting multiple pages or by filtering articles based on your favourites or tags, and then choosing to include them in the collection. Furthermore, you can conveniently drag and drop articles directly into the collection from the All Pages!


2. Rule-Based Inclusion and Manual Page Addition

You have the option to filter articles based on specific criteria, and thereafter, all articles that meet those criteria will be automatically included in the collection. In addition, you can manually add other pages to the collection separately.


3. Refine Your Collections with Manual Page Deletion

One of the powerful new features in AFFiNE 0.10.0's collection is the ability to delete manually added pages within the collection, offering greater flexibility. This feature empowers you to fine-tune and customize your collections, ensuring that only relevant content remains, resulting in a more streamlined and tailored document management experience.


Command/Control+K: Your Enhanced AFFiNE Navigator for Files, Commends, Settings and Everything.

Your AFFiNE Superpower! With a simple keystroke, Cmd/Ctrl+K, this innovative feature is set to transform the way you navigate and interact within AFFiNE. Say goodbye to the era of cumbersome menus and time-consuming tasks! Cmd/Ctrl+K places the potential for enhanced efficiency and personalization right at your fingertips.

1. Precision Command Search

Cmd/Ctrl+K streamlines your workflow by enabling you to easily search for specific commands, jump between pages and workspaces, customize page layouts and widths, and seamlessly create new pages and workspaces.


2. Instant Highlighting and Effortless Content Navigation

The search results are intelligently highlighted, allowing you to quickly pinpoint and retrieve text content, with the ability to directly navigate to the exact page with a single click.


As we embark on Day 2 of our launch week, you've witnessed the evolution of AFFiNE 0.10.0, and the transformation of document management and creative workflows. The enhancements in the collection feature, the introduction of manual multi-page selection, rule-based filtering, and the power of Command+K for supercharged navigation have all combined to empower your workflow. Get ready to explore a new world of possibilities and productivity.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to unlock the full potential of AFFiNE. Your workflow will never be the same, and we're just getting started!

Get ready to unlock new levels of productivity

As we wrap up our AFFiNE 0.10.0 launch week, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your interest and backing. Our journey to optimize AFFiNE is ongoing, and we're dedicated to making it better. Now, let's take a brief moment to look back at the informative articles we shared throughout this dynamic launch week:

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