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AFFiNE -0.12.0 Launch Week - Day3/3: Early Access of AFFiNE AI, Self-host AFFiNE and Upcoming 0.13 Unveiled

Meng Cen
Yixuan Guo

Step into the world of curated creativity with Day 3 of our 0.12.0 launch week! We are delighted to share 3 newly added functions in the upcoming 0.13.0 version, where you can diversify displayed information, edit different pages simultaneously and make synchronous update, thus avoiding time waste. Apart from the self-host version update, our AFFiNE AI is also on the way!

We're excited to announce that AFFiNE has secured the 2nd Place as Product of the Day on ProductHunt—thanks to your incredible support! The voting isn't over yet, and we'd love for you to keep backing us in this thrilling adventure: AFFiNE on ProductHunt.

Introducing Latest Self-Host Version: Secure, Enhanced Productivity

We extend our deepest gratitude to all AFFiNE users for your unwavering patience and support throughout the past year. Your dedication has been the driving force behind our efforts, and we're thrilled to announce a major milestone: the release of the latest AFFiNE self-host version! This update marks a significant leap forward, offering you the chance to experience the newest features of AFFiNE in a way that ensures the sovereignty of your data.

The self-host version of AFFiNE is designed with your data privacy and security in mind, allowing you to utilize the latest functionalities with peace of mind. If you're in search of a productivity tool that seamlessly integrates document and whiteboard capabilities, and can be deployed on your own servers, the AFFiNE self-host version is the perfect solution for you.


For detailed instructions on how to get started, please visit Should you have any questions or require assistance, our Discord channel is open for consultation!

New features released in 0.13.0 version

Page info: Direct Insight into Progress

Simplistic field types come up short for modern knowledge bases that require 'modeling various types of documents' -- that can be your favorite reading list, movie archive, or academic papers . etc

On the AFFiNE Roadmap, we're dedicated to incorporating all database fields into document metadata and incrementally enabling document indexing and bulk management via database blocks. Currently, you're able to add any database field to the document page info, facilitating a clear display of crucial information like deadlines or tasks at the outset of the document, thereby making personal project management easier. Your team will now find the required documents more readily. Additionally, with the 'custom properties' feature, you can select how the information is displayed: show or hide it in the view, or only unveil it when there’s content. After updating this feature in version 0.13.0, we will integrate the page info more seamlessly with the collection and the 'all pages' view in future updates.

Split view: Say Goodbye to Window Switching

Since the release of AFFiNE 0.10 "Paris", the page mode and edgeless mode became merged. You are now able to cross reference just any blocks -- from inserting a frame into page to split chunks of notes and create perfect mindmap in edgeless. However, the alignment of elements appearing in multiple views has always been a problem.We now present you with AFFiNE's "Split View" feature in 0.13. It acts like a turbocharger for your work efficiency. With just a simple drag and drop, you can activate split screen mode, allowing you to view multiple documents at once and say goodbye to the days of constantly switching windows. Moreover, you have complete control to adjust the size and proportion of each document view to your liking, ensuring every piece of work is displayed perfectly. Whether it's comparing data, checking details, or managing multiple tasks, everything becomes effortlessly manageable. From project management and content creation to data analysis, any task can be made smoother and more efficient with just a few simple steps.


Synced block: Achieve Cross-Page Content Sync Instantly

Tired of the repetitive task of updating the same information across multiple documents? Meet the Synced Block feature! It acts like a smart assistant, allowing you to create reusable content blocks in any document and easily reference these blocks in others. The key is that any updates made to the original content block automatically sync to all documents referencing it, ensuring consistency and saving you a ton of time. Whether you're managing projects, studying, or handling personal tasks, this feature simplifies document management and makes your workflow much more efficient. The Synced Block feature is here to streamline your workflow and keep all content up-to-date with minimal effort.


Get Ready to Unlock New Levels of Productivity

As we wrap up our AFFiNE 0.12.0 launch week, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your interest and backing. Our journey to optimize AFFiNE is ongoing, and we're dedicated to improving it. Now, let's take a brief moment to look back at the informative articles we shared throughout this dynamic launch week:

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Gratitude again for propelling AFFiNE to 2nd Place on ProductHunt! Your ongoing encouragement holds immense value for us. Come and support AFFiNE here: AFFiNE on ProductHunt.

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