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AFFiNE 0.8.0 preview - Launch Week - Day 2/5

Xuan Pang
Jackie Peng

Welcome to the highly anticipated launch week of AFFiNE 0.8.0! We are thrilled to present an array of groundbreaking features and a redesigned user experience that will extend and enhance AFFiNE's editing ability and boost up the way you work.

On the second day of the AFFiNE 0.8.0 launch week, we will introduce you to the exciting updates, including attachment support, enhanced accessibility on editable blocks and an enhanced drag & drop experience from redesigned selection and tool-bar. Get ready to unlock new levels of productivity and immerse yourself in a seamless and efficient workflow.

Join us as an early access sponsor for the AFFiNE Cloud, and unlock advanced collaboration capabilities while upholding the local-first nature of your data.

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Extend the Boundary of Blocks with the Attached Files

① Embed, Save & Preview. Attachment (file) Block - Enrich Your Digital Creations

When you're making something and want to include extra files to go along with it, simply grab the file and drop it wherever you want. After that, you can change its name, put in a caption, and make copies if you need to. It's easy and flexible!


Enhanced Accessibility on Editable Blocks

① Grammarly Support - Enhance Your Writing Experience

Our collaborative never-wrong undo-redo ability with Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) can now seamlessly collaborate with third-party editing. For example, grammarly can now seamlessly work with AFFiNE without worrying about the messing up the docs text. Now, as you type, Grammarly will automatically check your text in real-time, ensuring that your writing is polished and error-free.

Friendly Reminder: To access this feature, please download Grammarly for Desktop first. Once installed, you can enjoy its benefits to the fullest. Of course, you can have a try on other formatting or automation tools similarly.


② Text highlight - Make Important Things Stand Out Even More

In our ongoing efforts to enhance your experience in page mode, we are excited to introduce a new feature: Text Highlight. With this addition, you can seamlessly emphasize vital information by applying highlights, ensuring that essential details shine prominently.


An Enhanced Drag & Drop experience from Redesigned Selection and Tool-bar

Keyboard Navigation Under Block-Level Selection and Navigation - Ensure Smoother Interaction

You can now utilize the "Shift+Up" keyboard shortcut to efficiently select desired content(you may wish to use "esc" to activate the block-level selection first). This addition empowers you to optimize your experience by swiftly highlighting the specific content you need, further boosting your productivity.


A Remote Selection for Collaboration - Empower Your Collaborative Work

Making teamwork even easier, we've introduced a remote selection feature through AFFiNE Cloud. Now, you can choose and work with content from afar, ensuring smoother collaboration.


A Newly Designed Drag Handle - Experience Smoother Content Manipulation

We've updated the drag handle design for better intuitiveness. The previous diamond shape has been replaced with a rectangular one, making it even easier to grab and move items around.


New Icon Sets - Elevate Your Visual Experience

To ensure superior icon recognition, consistency, and aesthetics, we have integrated emotional design animations. More details can be found in Icon Sets Redesign on GitHub.


Get ready to unlock new levels of productivity

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Join us as an early access sponsor for the AFFiNE Cloud, and unlock advanced collaboration capabilities while upholding the local-first nature of your data. As a token of our appreciation, you'll enjoy:

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