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Best AI tools for social media management in 2024.

Yanxi Liu

AI-powered social media tools are rapidly becoming standard practice. This trend is unsurprising, according to Sprout Social 2023's State of Social Media report, which claimed that 90% of leaders believe that their company's success will hinge on the effective utilization of social media data and insights to shape business strategies. Also, 97% of leaders acknowledge that AI is crucial in helping companies optimize social media data and insights more effectively, ultimately enhancing overall marketing endeavors.

Utilizing AI in social media offers profound brand and customer insights, facilitating the creation of more successful marketing campaigns through targeted social media listening. Tailored AI marketing tools are specifically crafted to assist in achieving these goals and beyond. They empower users to uncover competitor insights, craft compelling copy that resonates with their audience, and streamline team workflows, all while saving valuable time that can be redirected towards more strategic tasks.

Keep reading to find the top 5 AI social media tools and learn how to leverage them to excel in 2024.

What makes the best AI social media management tools:


  1. Establish and Manage a Social Media Presence: The best AI social media management tools should provide robust features for creating and maintaining a strong social media presence. This includes functionalities for scheduling posts, monitoring engagement, and managing multiple social media accounts efficiently.

  2. Provide a Content Calendar and social media schedule: A comprehensive content calendar feature is essential for effective social media management. The tool should allow users to plan and schedule content in advance, ensuring a consistent posting schedule and helping to maintain an organized approach to content creation and distribution.

  3. Create a Brand Tone and Voice for Social Media Presence: AI social media tools should offer capabilities to help users develop a consistent brand tone and voice across their social media platforms. This includes features for generating engaging and on-brand content, as well as tools for analyzing audience sentiment and preferences to tailor communication effectively.

  4. Evaluate the Performance of Content on Social Media and Iterate on That Performance: The ability to evaluate the performance of content on social media is crucial for optimizing marketing strategies. The best AI social media management tools should provide in-depth analytics and reporting functionalities to track key metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversion rates.

Top 5 AI Social Media Management Tools

In the upcoming sections, this blog will present top AI social media management software solutions tailored to meet requirements related to social media content creation, scheduling, idea generation, sentiment analysis, and performance evaluation of social media posts. The blog will assess the software options based on diverse needs in these areas.

Best for social media content creation/writing software



Jasper harnesses the power of AI automation to streamline the copywriting process, generating top-tier content suitable for various platforms, ranging from blog articles to social media updates. Its AI-driven copywriting functionality produces compelling SEO content, while its multi-platform compatibility ensures content is tailored impeccably for diverse channels. Jasper can serve as the cornerstone of your social media strategy, embodying its essence and vitality. To craft posts that deeply resonate with your audience, embrace generative AI tools that assist in creating engaging, relevant, and timely content.


  • The tone of Voice Control: Jasper provides a branded voice feature that can adapt to the writing style based on specified descriptors such as casual, sophisticated, or technical.

  • Plagiarism Protection: Users can create plagiarism-free content with Jasper's built-in detection technology.

Best forSocial Media Management and Scheduling


AFFiNE AI transforms the landscape of social media scheduling by providing instant insights, seamless content enhancement, and heightened creativity using dynamic mind maps and polished social media calendar templates. It enables users to visualize their social rollout plan, enhance productivity, and streamline processes, ultimately optimizing time management across all tasks. Whether brainstorming ideas or refining social media posts, AFFiNE AI can enhance creativity and improve operational efficiency.

Creating Engaging Social Media Content Made Easy with AFFiNE


Crafting the Perfect Tone: Talk as if you have been friends since childhood. Easily transform your tone to be more user-friendly, making you sound more professional or conversational at the snap of your fingers. Enter AFFiNE Inline AI Writing! It helps refine your writing style and captivates your audience with the perfect tone.

Flawless Precision at Your Fingertips: Picture a reliable ally swooping in to catch and correct spelling and grammar mistakes, safeguarding your content from errors. That's the magic of AFFiNE AI, ensuring your social media posts shine with flawless precision and professionalism.

Striking the Balance for Social Media Success: Struggling to find the right balance between brevity and depth in your social media captions? Let AFFiNE AI be your guide! Tailor the length of your text effortlessly, refining your posts to captivate your audience with engaging, impactful messaging.

Best for Content Brainstorming



BuzzSumo leverages algorithms to provide insights into current trending topics and to assist in identifying prominent influencers within your specific industry. By utilizing AI-powered content discovery, individuals can uncover subjects that resonate with their brand.

Moreover, the BuzzSumo platform facilitates the identification of key influencers, enabling collaborations with individuals who can enhance the reach of your brand's message. Uncover creative opportunities and make informed decisions using these AI tools tailored for content strategy and ideation.


  • AI-powered pitching tool: BuzzSumo offers an automated pitch generator to assist users in pitching ideas to preferred publications.

  • Data accessibility: Users can access data from the past five years to guide their content strategy and pinpoint viral topics.

Best for Sentiment Analysis and Social Listening



Brandwatch employs advanced algorithms to offer a comprehensive approach to sentiment analysis. Instead of just determining positive or negative sentiments, it captures the nuances of consumer emotions and opinions across various social media channels. It can gain a deep understanding of audience's opinions and attitudes with cutting-edge sentiment analysis tools. Additionally, it can keep an ear to the ground for real-time social listening to fine-tune your strategies.


  • Intelligent Social Inbox: The Brandwatch platform consolidates all social messages and notifications into a single location, organized in a kanban-style layout for streamlined management.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Brandwatch users have the ability to configure instant alerts for brand mentions across various social media channels.

  • Social Listening: Brandwatch monitors hundreds of platforms and websites to provide insights on how your brand is perceived by the public.

Best for Metrics and analytics

Sprout Social


Sprout Social is a sophisticated platform designed for advanced social media content management. This all-in-one solution offers users a comprehensive dashboard for effortlessly tracking essential metrics, including engagement rates and follower counts. Utilize the analytics tools provided to monitor and adjust your social media strategies effectively. With access to real-time data and AI-powered insights, you can refine your campaigns for maximum impact and success..


  • Sentiment Analysis: Leveraging AI-driven technology, users can gain insights into the sentiments of each audience towards their brand, enabling them to adapt strategies accordingly.

  • Cross-Network Publishing: Users have the capability to schedule content for simultaneous publication across all social networks, facilitating a synchronized content strategy.

  • Employee Advocacy Platform: Social Sprout is equipped to empower employees to act as brand advocates. Through this platform, users can share engaging images and content for employees to distribute on their personal social networks.

Which is the best AI tool for social media management?

We have assembled a selection of five AI-driven social media management tools, each with unique capabilities tailored to meet a variety of needs. Jasper stands out for its prowess in content creation and tone customization, while AFFiNE is perfect for those looking for streamlined post scheduling and the organization of social media calendars. BrandWatch is a valuable resource for sentiment analysis and social listening. Lastly, we introduce you to the robust analysis software Sprout Social to enhance your social media content management.

Experiment with different tools to meet your specific goals and business needs. If it’s a comprehensive, well-rounded platform you need to manage all your social media scheduing and marketing needs, consider AFFiNE.

Reserve your place on our priority list now to experience firsthand the revolutionary impact on creativity and efficiency that AFFiNE AI can deliver to your social media management tasks!

Stay tuned as AFFiNE unveils its upcoming AI functionality – for more details, click the ProductHunt.

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