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10 Best Free Employee Performance Review Templates & Examples in 2024

Xuan Pang

Are you struggling to streamline your employee performance evaluation process?

Do you find it challenging to effectively assess your team's progress and provide valuable feedback?

Worry no more! We understand the importance of making the employee performance evaluation process seamless and insightful. That's why we've gathered the 10 best free employee performance review templates and examples for 2024 to simplify your journey towards better performance management. Let's get started!

What is a Performance Review Template?

A Performance Review Template is a structured framework utilized in employee performance management to conduct thorough and objective evaluations. It acts as a guide for managers and HR professionals, outlining predetermined criteria and key performance indicators tailored to specific job roles. This allows for fair and consistent assessments of an employee's accomplishments, strengths, areas for improvement, and contributions to the organization.

What makes a good employee performance review template?


  1. Well-defined Criteria: The template should outline well-defined performance criteria relevant to the employee's role and responsibilities. This ensures that the evaluation is fair, consistent, and aligned with the organization's objectives.

  2. Balanced Assessment: A good template includes a balanced mix of quantitative and qualitative measures to assess both tangible results and behavioral competencies. This provides a comprehensive view of the employee's performance.

  3. Goal-oriented: The template should link the employee's performance to established goals and objectives, emphasizing progress and achievements toward these targets.

  4. Constructive Feedback: It should offer space for constructive feedback, allowing managers to provide specific comments on strengths, areas for improvement, and actionable recommendations for growth.

10 Free Employee Performance Review Templates & Examples

Template 1: Simple performance review


The simple Employee Performance Review Template offers a streamlined approach for assessing an employee's progress and contributions. It focuses on performance goals, job responsibilities, strengths, and areas for improvement. It acknowledges achievements, encourages professional development, and includes self-assessment for a well-rounded evaluation. Get the template <<<

Review frequency: Biannually or quarterly

Template 2: Monthly performance review


The Monthly Employee Performance Review Template offers a comprehensive evaluation of an employee's progress, goals, and competencies. Conducted on a monthly basis, this review emphasizes real-time feedback, strengths, areas for improvement, and accomplishments.

Review Frequency: Monthly

Template 3: Mid-year performance review


The Mid-year Performance Review Template offers a comprehensive evaluation of an employee's progress and contributions. Conducted at the midpoint of the year, this review emphasizes goal achievements, strengths, areas for growth, and noteworthy accomplishments.

Review Frequency: Mid-year (Every six months)

Template 4: Quarterly performance review


The Quarterly Performance Review Template provides a thorough assessment of an employee's achievements, objectives, and competencies. Conducted quarterly, this review enables a more comprehensive evaluation, emphasizing goal progress, strengths, areas for development, and notable contributions.

Review Frequency: Quarterly

Template 5: 30-60-90 performance review


The 30-60-90 Performance Review Template offers a structured assessment of an employee's progress during their first three months in a new role. Conducted at these specific intervals, the review gauges early achievements, learning curves, and adaptability.

Review Frequency: 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days from the employee's start date.

Template 6: Team performance review


The Team Performance Review evaluates the collective performance and collaboration within a team. This review assesses the team's achievements, communication, problem-solving, and overall synergy. It identifies areas of success and areas for improvement to enhance team dynamics, productivity, and effectiveness. Get the template <<<

Review Frequency: The Team Performance Review can be conducted regularly, such as quarterly or semi-annually, to monitor progress and adapt to changing team dynamics.

Template 7: Goal setting review


The Goal Setting Review is a focused evaluation that assesses an employee's progress towards achieving their predefined objectives. This review emphasizes goal alignment, milestones, and the employee's efforts in reaching targets.

Review Frequency: The Goal Setting Review is typically conducted at regular intervals, such as quarterly or annually, to track progress and align future objectives.

Template 8: Performance improvement review


The Performance Improvement Review is a strategic evaluation that identifies areas requiring enhancement in an employee's performance. This review aims to address performance gaps, set clear improvement goals, and implement tailored action plans.

Review Frequency: The Performance Improvement Review is initiated when performance concerns arise or as needed based on individual circumstances, ensuring timely support and progress monitoring.

Template 9: Self evaluation review


The Self-Evaluation Review is a reflective process where employees assess their own performance and accomplishments. This review encourages employees to evaluate their strengths, areas for growth, and contributions to the team or organization.

Review Frequency: The Self-Evaluation Review can be conducted periodically, aligned with regular performance review cycles, ensuring employees have opportunities to reflect and set goals for continuous improvement.

Template 10: Year-end performance review


The Year-End Performance Review is a comprehensive assessment of an employee's achievements and growth throughout the year. This review examines goal attainment, competencies, strengths, and areas for development. It provides a holistic evaluation of the employee's contributions to the organization and offers valuable feedback to guide future performance. Get the template <<<

Review Frequency: The Year-End Performance Review is conducted annually, typically towards the end of the calendar year, to summarize the employee's progress and align objectives for the upcoming year.

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