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5 Best Open Source Alternatives to Notion

Christopher Smolak

Notion is a powerful tool that combines note-taking, project management, and team collaboration. It is widely popular due to its versatility, clean interface, and the ability to customise the layout and design of pages and databases. However, Notion is not the only option available, and there are some fantastic open-source alternatives to consider. In this article, we will explore the top 5 open-source Notion alternatives and highlight their main advantages over Notion.

Notion: An Overview

Notion is a comprehensive tool that is more than just a project management application. It is an advanced document editor, a storage location, and a collaboration tool with numerous integrations. Notion provides a clean and visually appealing interface that is simple to navigate. Notion also allows for a high level of customisation, making it easy to tailor the layout and design of pages and databases to specific requirements. Furthermore, Notion is very flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as note-taking, task management, project management, and more. However, Notion can be expensive for individuals or small teams, and it has a steep learning curve. So that's why you might want to find an alternative to Notion - so let's today explore some open-source alternatives.

AFFiNE: All-in-One Notion Alternative

AFFiNE is a next-generation knowledge base that combines the best of Notion and Miro into one app. It is a powerful and flexible open-source tool that offers a wide range of features for note-taking, task management, and project collaboration. One of the standout features of AFFiNE is its ability to seamlessly switch between paper mode and whiteboard mode (Page and Edgeless), making it a versatile tool for brainstorming, planning, and collaboration. AFFiNE has a sleek and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use, and it's highly customisable to suit your needs. One of the biggest advantages of AFFiNE over other Notion alternatives is its flexibility. You can use it for personal note-taking, team collaboration, project management, and more. It also offers advanced features like time tracking, data visualisation, and automation. Here you can have a look:

  • Database

    • Easily create, organize, and track your daily note like never before. Say goodbye to complex processes and welcome an unprecedented ease-of-use way


  • Powerful Edgeless mode

    • Visualize and connect your daily ideas smoothly with better cartoon-style shape, slick pen, and connectors. No constraints. Limited only by your imagination. Ohhh, by the way, images now are supported to upload!! We just make everything easy for you, now you may enjoy your drawing time!


  • Notion/html/markdown import-supported

    • Effortlessly import Notion, HTML, or Markdown content into AFFiNE with just a few simple clicks, preserving formatting, and structure, and saving time, enhancing user experience. Say goodbye to the complicated process of manually converting and adjusting content.


  • Featuring an all-page UI update with filter options

    • Users can now effortlessly access the all-page, which enables them to conveniently sort previous articles in ascending or descending order, or favourites with the filter function. Enjoy efficient organization, quick access to desired content, and a seamless browsing experience.


If you wanna know more about what you can do with the use of AFFiNE, can read:

Focalboard: Project Management Notion Alternative


Focalboard is an open-source project management tool that provides a simple board-based approach to project management. It assists developers in staying on track to complete tasks, meet milestones, and achieve their objectives. Focalboard keeps track of all your tasks, assists you in managing their dependencies, and can be tailored to your specific requirements. It's ideal for businesses that have a lot going on at the same time, but it's also ideal for teams working remotely or in the field because it allows you to access project data even when there are no internet connections available.

Standard Notes: Simple Notes Notion Alternative


Standard Notes is another open-source alternative to Notion, offering a simple and secure way to take notes, manage to-do lists, and store passwords. It provides a minimalist interface that allows you to focus on your content and comes with a powerful encryption system that ensures your data is always safe and private.

One of the standout features of Standard Notes is its simplicity. It doesn't overwhelm you with endless customization options or advanced features but rather focuses on providing a reliable and straightforward note-taking experience. However, it's not entirely basic and offers several essential features like tags, categories, and Markdown support. There are also plugins available for LaTeX, code snippets, spreadsheets, and more, and you can even post your notes to a blogging platform if you want to make them public. Standard Notes is also cross-platform and supports Linux, Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS, making it an excellent alternative for users who need to switch between devices frequently.

TiddlyWiki: A Wiki Notion Alternative


TiddlyWiki is a non-linear note-taking tool that stands out for its modular nature and unique features. It's an open-source, self-hosted alternative to many of the more expensive, proprietary note-taking apps available today.

TiddlyWiki's behavior can be altered by adding new notes, or "tiddlers," to the interface, allowing you to perform frequently performed activities quickly. It's entirely customizable, enabling you to create custom templates, themes, and plugins to extend its functionality further.

One of the most significant advantages of TiddlyWiki is its offline capabilities. It's a self-contained HTML file, which means that you can store all your data locally on your device, even without an internet connection. Additionally, it supports Markdown and other syntaxes, making it an excellent alternative for writers, developers, and anyone who needs a flexible, open-source note-taking tool.

Appflowy: the open source alternative of Notion


Appflowy stands out as a comprehensive and versatile note-taking tool, offering users an all-in-one solution for capturing and organizing their thoughts, tasks, and ideas. It serves as an excellent alternative to traditional note-taking applications, providing a seamless and intuitive interface that promotes efficient and structured note-taking. With Appflowy, users can experience the best of both worlds, combining the organization and hierarchy of a traditional outlining tool with the flexibility and adaptability of a modern note-taking app. Its unique ability to create nested lists and sublists allows for a hierarchical approach to note-taking, enabling users to break down complex concepts into easily digestible chunks. Whether you're managing personal to-do lists, outlining projects, brainstorming ideas, or collaborating with a team, Appflowy offers the flexibility to cater to your specific needs. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Appflowy provides an optimal environment for capturing, organizing, and managing information effectively. It simplifies the note-taking process while providing the necessary tools to stay organized and productive. Appflowy truly shines as an indispensable tool for those seeking a comprehensive and versatile note-taking experience.


In conclusion, these are some of the best open-source alternatives to Notion that offer different approaches to note-taking, task management, and project collaboration. Whether you're looking for a flexible, all-in-one productivity tool like AFFiNE or a minimalist, secure note-taking app like Standard Notes, there's an option out there that can suit your needs. By exploring these open-source alternatives, you can discover new and exciting ways to increase your productivity and achieve your goals.

AFFiNE is still in beta, but we are continuing to build to a more feature-rich and stable build. Come and join us on our journey over on our media platforms.

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