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8 Free Event Planning Templates: Streamline Your Event Organization with Professional Event Planner 2024(Examples)

Yanxi Liu

Are you tired of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the time-consuming event-planning process? If you find yourself constantly struggling to manage your time efficiently, look no further. In this article, we would like to explain the importance of using event planning templates to boost your productivity and also show you a straightforward way to streamline an event with AFFiNE. In addition, we’ve sorted through all event planning templates to provide you with the 8 best, most comprehensive templates, so you can effectively plan a 5-day learning, conference attendance checking, travel, or other milestone event.

Say farewell to the stress and discover a better way to plan your events with our time-saving event planning templates. Take charge of your schedule and create unforgettable experiences effortlessly.

What is an event planning template?

An event planning template is an efficient framework that details the steps you and your team need to consider taking to plan and execute a successful event.

Free event planning template comes pre-populated with sections and custom fields that help you manage essential event details such as status, progress, and annotations. Plus, some event templates are customized and duplicatable. Thus, you can be sure you follow the same planning steps for similar events.

Why is Event Planning Important

It is not just a mere task; Event pLANNING holds immense significance in our lives. Whether it's a personal celebration or a professional gathering, effective event planning ensures seamless execution and unforgettable experiences. It allows us to allocate resources efficiently, manage time effectively, and create a well-structured framework for success. From coordinating logistics to curating engaging activities, event planning is pivotal in bringing people together, fostering connections, and leaving a lasting impact. Don't underestimate the power of meticulous event planning—it's the key to turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Other benefits of the event planning template include the following:

  • Budget for your event

  • Visualize your event plan in a timeline.

  • Create an actionable event planning checklist to track event tasks for smoother planning.

  • Share status updates right from the project.

  • Use milestones to track planning progress.

How to Plan an Event in AFFiNE


Planning an event in AFFiNE is as easy as making breakfast. With just eight simple steps, you'll have all the tools and capabilities to organize and execute your event seamlessly. From the initial pre-planning phase to the day of the event, AFFiNE empowers you to stay organized and efficient. Say goodbye to the stress of juggling multiple tasks and budgets. Follow the straightforward event planning steps below and unlock the secret to saving time and resources while hosting a successful and memorable function. Let AFFiNE be your trusted companion on your event planning journey.

8 Event Planning Templates For AFFiNE, ClickUp, Excel, Monday, and Smartsheet

Event Brief Template by AFFiNE


The template includes tasks for each event phase, from pre-planning to post-event evaluation. Each task and subtask is structured with assignees, due dates and estimated hours for effort tracking. The template ensures that each phase of the event is planned thoroughly, without missing key steps or communication points.

Event To-Do List Template by AFFiNE


Use this to-do list template to plan, prioritize, and carry out all the necessary tasks for your event. You can track the progress of each item toward completion by choosing a predetermined due date. The template includes room for additional notes or links, which is particularly useful when searching for additional information.

Event Sign-Up Sheet Template by AFFiNE


To ensure that all attendees are present at a conference or training event, have them add their signatures to this sign-in sheet. At the top of the template, there is also a room for conferences to note down the details so that the sheet can tracked and filed easily. You can modify this basic form and use it to collect attendance details at any type of event.

Travel Planner Template by AFFiNE


Introducing the Travel Planner Template by AFFiNE: Your hassle-free solution for organizing your travel plans. With its user-friendly interface, this template simplifies the process of researching destinations, creating itineraries, and managing bookings. Stay organized and focused as you track flights, book accommodations, and prepare your packing checklist. Let AFFiNE be your trusted companion, ensuring a creative travel planning experience and unforgettable adventures.


This Five-Day Event Schedule Template by AFFiNE is as helpful for the guests as it is for the event planner. Conferences and networking events are often several days long and can feature dozens of speakers, scheduled lunches, activities—and and minimal breaks.

This single spreadsheet can be kept in hand during the event and used by the event organizers to ensure each element is starting and ending as expected. And for guests, this template can be edited throughout the event or used ahead of time to plan each day around their most anticipated speakers or sessions.

Event Marketing Template by ClickUp


This template offers users a clear overview of your event’s goals and objectives, as well as an organized structure for tracking event details like target audience, event timeline, budget management, and more. You can assign tasks to specific team members and monitor progress in one easy-to-navigate interface.

Event & Party Planner Template for Excel


If you prefer to have all your event information neatly organized in a spreadsheet, Excel has the perfect solution for you. This template is designed specifically for small to mid-sized events. This comprehensive template was divided into sections, allowing you to easily input guest information, manage musical arrangements, track decorations, monitor supplies, jot down important notes, and much more. Moreover, each section includes relevant columns to indicate the completion status of items and provides a clear breakdown of your budget and expected costs. It's the ultimate tool to streamline your event planning process and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Cross-company event planning for Monday


If you are an HR department member wanting to create an internal event, here we go! Cross-company event planning template, which can not only visualize your entire planning process but also centralize your event task force, as well as measure success. To illustrate, this template uses statuses to track each step of your planning process visually. Assign tasks, oversee due dates, and stay on top of all your work at a glance. Centralize your event task force, Bring together all the stakeholders in your internal event by keeping everything on a unified board.

Calendar of Events Template by Smartsheet


This template is perfect for providing a calendar format with an adjacent column for listing events. The calendar displays all 12 months of the year on a single Excel sheet, making it easy to scan through months, plan ahead, and quickly view the events listed in the corresponding column.

Which App offers the best Event Planning Template?

In this article, we have offered you the top 8 free event planning templates by AFFiNE, Clickup, Excel, Monday, and Smartsheet. We encourage users to choose the ideal option based on their specific needs and pain points. However, based on our evaluation, we still propose AFFiNE as the optimal choice for creating the Event Planning Templates. Not merely because it provides people with much more flexibility, collaboration, visual representation, customization, and reusability in creating event planner, but also for its uniqueness as a free, open-source tool that prioritizes privacy, making it accessible to anyone who wants to enhance their productivity.

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