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AFFiNE 0.10.0 - Launch week - Day 3/5: Make Your Mind Flow From Your Doc to Slides, Beautifully

Yuhang Zhao (Zoey)
Yanxin Lu

Welcome to Day 3 of our AFFiNE launch week, where we're dedicated to fueling your creativity and innovation. Our latest release, AFFiNE 0.10.0, introduces a wealth of enhancements to elevate your whiteboard experience, including support for any image on whiteboards, transparent background images, effortless element grouping, and refined presentation styles. These updates are carefully designed to enhance your presentation capabilities, ensuring your ideas shine with clarity and elegance. Whether you're organizing elements, maintaining seamless scaling, or refining visual styles, AFFiNE is your ticket to transforming your presentations and elevating your creative potential.

Fully Merged Experience Between the Edgeless and Page Mode

1. Accessing Edgeless Elements in Page Mode

AFFiNE 0.10.0 supports the seamless integration of edgeless mode elements into a page and provides an easy way to navigate back to edgeless mode from the page. In Edgeless mode, you can now seamlessly insert frames and groups directly onto the page, eliminating unnecessary steps and enhancing your creative workflow. Meanwhile, in Page mode, you can conveniently access frames and groups via the slash menu, allowing you to efficiently navigate and manage your content with ease.

2. Automatically connect the page blocks on the whiteboard

The whiteboard now offers enhanced logical organization, simplifying the creation of an uncluttered structure. The auto-connect feature streamlines the combination of related blocks without manual line drawing. In edgeless page mode, understanding block relationships is effortless, and with seamless block-to-block transitions, your workflow remains smooth and uninterrupted.


Experience Whiteboard Freedom with Easy Element Grouping

Ever felt the frustration of adjusting whiteboard elements one by one? With AFFiNE 0.10.0, say hello to simplicity and group your whiteboard elements with ease! This update lets you swiftly organize scattered elements into neat groups, enhancing your ability to move and edit them collectively.

1. Effortless Group Nesting

Multiple smaller groups can be merged into a larger group, offering the flexibility to move both individual elements and smaller groups within the composition. This feature allows for a highly organized and customizable approach to your content arrangement.


2. Synchronized Scaling and Dragging

In AFFiNE, scaling and dragging are seamlessly synchronized. When you move an individual element within a group, the group's border and size adapt in real time to accommodate the element's new position. This ensures that your compositions remain coherent and visually appealing as you make adjustments.


3. Simplified Ungrouping

The ungrouping function provides the versatility to disband an entire group or selectively release individual elements from within a group. This level of control allows for easy reorganization and fine-tuning of your content, ensuring that your creative process remains fluid and efficient.


Transform Your Creations Directly on an Edgeless Canvas

Unleash your imagination by uploading transparent background images, granting your whiteboard projects boundless creative potential. You can now directly copy and paste your image assets into AFFiNE. Get ready to let your creativity flow freely!


Effortless Duplicating and Automatic Scaling in Edgeless Layouts

With AFFiNE 0.10.0, you can now seamlessly copy notes with a single click. Furthermore, the edgeless layout intelligently adjusts and scales as your content grows, providing a hassle-free and visually appealing experience. Say goodbye to manual resizing and hello to effortless note-taking!


Optimized Frame Visuals for a Distraction-Free Presentation

Our latest update enhances the visual appeal of your frames by eliminating borders, resulting in a sleek and uncluttered presentation page. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to a more polished and refined display.


As Day 3 of our AFFiNE launch week comes to a close, we're excited about the transformative power of AFFiNE 0.10.0. It goes beyond enhancing whiteboard experiences; it fuels your creativity, making your presentations better and more impactful. Explore SVG support, effortless grouping, and refined styles. With AFFiNE, your ideas shine with clarity and elegance. Stay tuned for more inspiration on your journey to exceptional presentations.

Get ready to unlock new levels of productivity

As we wrap up our AFFiNE 0.10.0 launch week, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your interest and backing. Our journey to optimize AFFiNE is ongoing, and we're dedicated to making it better. Now, let's take a brief moment to look back at the informative articles we shared throughout this dynamic launch week:

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