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25 Best Free AI Productivity Tools in 2024

Xuan Pang

Imagine having a personal digital assistant that can anticipate your needs and provide real-time insights to help you stay on track. Or utilizing advanced data visualization tools that turn complex information into actionable insights with just a few clicks.

All of this is possible with AI productivity tools!

This blog post will dive into the top 25 innovative AI productivity tools that are transforming the way we work. These tools are essential for anyone aiming to achieve peak performance in both their personal and professional lives. Join us as we explore the future of productivity!

What are AI Productivity Tools?


AI productivity tools are cutting-edge software applications powered by artificial intelligence technology. These tools are designed to enhance efficiency, automate tasks, and improve overall productivity in various aspects of work and life. By leveraging AI algorithms, these tools can analyze data, make predictions, and provide valuable insights to help users make informed decisions quickly.

From email automation to time management solutions, AI productivity tools come in a wide range of functionalities tailored to meet diverse needs. They can assist with organizing schedules, managing projects, optimizing workflows, and even offering personalized recommendations based on user behavior patterns.

Benefits of Using AI Productivity Tools


  1. Efficiency: Streamlines workflows by automating routine tasks, allowing for more work to be accomplished in less time. AI tools can analyze large datasets quickly, identify trends, and make recommendations that would take humans much longer to compute.

  2. Accuracy: Enhances precision in tasks like data entry and analysis. AI algorithms can reduce human error, ensuring that the information processed is reliable and accurate, which is critical in fields like finance and research.

  3. Personalization: Tailors experience to individual needs. AI productivity tools can learn from user behavior and preferences to suggest customized actions and settings, improving user engagement and satisfaction.

  4. Scalability: Facilitates handling increased workload without a drop in performance. As businesses grow, AI tools can easily adapt to larger data volumes and more complex processes without necessitating proportional increases in human labor.

Top 25 AI Productivity Tools in 2024

1. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI tools around. You can use it to carry out entire conversations or put it to use as a content ideation tool. However, it also comes with many features that most users don’t know about. With the right prompts, it can compose audio tracks and generate logos.

Key features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Boasting a highly intuitive design, it's exceptionally easy to navigate and operate, ensuring a smooth and effortless user experience.

  • Versatility: Recognized as one of the most versatile AI tools available, it offers a wide range of functionalities and applications, catering to diverse needs and scenarios.

  • Automation Capabilities: A solid choice for automation, making it a reliable tool for streamlining tasks and processes, enhancing overall efficiency.

2. ClickUp


ClickUp is an all-in-one project management software that offers hundreds of customizable features to give individuals and teams the flexibility and tools they need to work smarter and boost productivity. ClickUp has launched an AI content assistant feature, ClickUp AI, a content ideation and creation tool in ClickUp Docs that help with generating ideas, copywriting, copyediting, summarizing a long text to writing content, and so much more.

Key features:

  • Content research and ideation: Generate instant and high-quality content for blog posts, emails, advertising copy, and more

  • Copy editing: Get suggestions for writing improvements to simplify and improve your content

  • Content summarization: Summarize key points from Docs, tasks, and comments


AFFiNE stands out as a state-of-the-art AI productivity app, meticulously crafted to employ AI to streamline the organization, management, and collaboration on tasks, projects, and real-time information. What distinguishes AFFiNE is its unique offering as a free and open-source program, leveraging offline technology to ensure accessibility for all users.

Explore AFFiNE AI, your true multimodal AI copilot, dedicated to turning "all your ideas into reality."

Key features:

  • Write with You: Leveraging AI technology, AFFiNE AI provides intelligent assistance for every step of your writing process, from crafting sentences to entire articles. Whether you're creating content, professionally rewriting, adjusting tone, or correcting spelling and grammar, AFFiNE AI makes your text more vivid and accurate.


  • Draw with You: With the power of AI, AFFiNE AI can transform your outlines or ideas into eye-catching visual works. Whether it's creating presentations or building mind maps, AFFiNE AI helps you clearly express and share your creativity.


  • Present with You: AFFiNE's AI-powered PowerPoint generator allows you to craft polished and presentation-ready slides with just one click. By inputting your content descriptions, AFFiNE effortlessly generates visually stunning slides that captivate your audience. This feature enables you to create professional presentations quickly and efficiently, making the process seamless and visually appealing.

4. Claude 2


Anthropic's safe and creative chatbot, Claude 2 has impressive memory: it can remember up to 150,000 words in each conversation. This makes it useful to have long, step-by-step discussions of a problem or to upload a PDF and ask questions. You can connect Claude to thousands of other apps using Zapier too. Learn more about how to automate Claude, or get started with one of these pre-make workflows.

Key features:

  1. **Extended Memory Capacity:**Claude 2 can store up to 150,000 words in each conversation, facilitating in-depth discussions and information retention.

  2. PDF Integration: Users can upload PDF files to Claude 2 and ask questions, enabling easy access to information and resources.

  3. App Connectivity via Zapier: Claude 2 seamlessly integrates with thousands of other apps through Zapier, allowing for enhanced automation and workflow customization.

5. Bing AI (Microsoft Copilot)


Microsoft's close relationship with OpenAI was a positive step to Bing Search: it can search the web and generate answers based on the results. It's also connected to DALL·E 3, so if you ask for images, you'll get four visual variations of your prompt. Microsoft is bringing all its AI features into a single name— Microsoft Copilot —so look out for that rebranding across its product line.

Key features:

  1. Real-Time Collaboration: Bing AI facilitates real-time collaboration by providing instant access to web search results and generating answers based on the information retrieved.

  2. Contextual Awareness: Bing AI demonstrates contextual awareness by understanding user queries and providing relevant and accurate responses tailored to the context of the search.

  3. Multimodal Capabilities: Bing AI offers multimodal capabilities through its integration with DALL·E 3, allowing users to request images and receive multiple visual variations of their prompts, enhancing the search experience.

6. Anyword


Anyword helps marketers create content by breaking the generation process down step by step. First, you add your prompt to generate a few titles. Then, you can pick your favorite and see a generated outline. Once you tweak that outline to what you want to cover, you can move forward to generating the final piece.

Key features:

  1. Predictive Performance Scoring: Anyword offers predictive performance scoring to help marketers assess the potential success of their content. By analyzing various metrics and data points, users can make informed decisions to optimize their content for better performance.

  2. Audience Targeting: Anyword provides audience targeting capabilities, allowing marketers to tailor their content to specific target audiences. By understanding the preferences and behaviors of their audience, users can create more engaging and relevant content.

  3. A/B Testing Capabilities: Anyword enables A/B testing, enabling marketers to compare different versions of their content to determine which performs better. This feature helps in refining content strategies and optimizing marketing campaigns for improved results.

7. Wordtune


Wordtune helps you find plenty of wording alternatives to improve your text. When you input the text you want to check, you can easily browse synonyms, ask to rewrite entire sentences, and adapt the suggestions into a final draft.

Key features:

  1. Sentence Rewriting: Enhances sentence structure and style, providing alternative phrasing options that can improve clarity and engagement.

  2. **Tone Adjustment:**Allows users to adjust the tone of their text to suit different contexts or audiences, ensuring appropriate communication.

8. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is a direct competitor of Grammarly, offering plenty of statistics to help you track grammar, style, and spelling scores. One of the main advantages here is its lifetime plan, helping you leverage all these features without adding a new recurring bill. Find out which is the best for you in our ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly comparison.

Key features:

  1. Style Guide Tool: Customizable style guides ensure that all written content adheres to brand-specific guidelines, maintaining consistency across all communications.

  2. Writing Reports: Generates reports on overused words, sentence length, writing style, and other textual elements, providing insights that help writers refine their drafts before finalizing.

10. Hootsuite Insights


Hootsuite Insights is an AI-powered analytics tool designed to provide businesses with real-time insights on their social media performance. The tool works by gathering data from various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and then analyzing it to provide businesses with comprehensive social media reports.

Key features:

  • **User-Friendly Interface:**Hootsuite Insights excels with its easy-to-use interface, enabling businesses to effortlessly generate customized reports and analyses, specifically tracking social media KPIs like engagement, reach, and impressions.

  • Robust Data Visualization: The platform offers a variety of data visualization options, including customizable dashboards and interactive charts.

11. Jasper


Jasper is a popular AI content generator for businesses that lets you create a variety of content for marketing. Though it primarily focuses on generating blog content, Jasper also lets you create social media posts, articles, emails, ads, and more.

Key features:

  • Boss Mode: Generates long content like blog posts, emails, reports, and stories

  • Jasper Chat: Interactive AI chatbot to quickly generate content

  • AI Art: Generates art for thumbnails, illustrations, ads, etc


Z_Nj1J0hTchLCHpMrQDCzlGlIxDoL40fToSp7BUfMqw= is another popular AI writing tool that helps you create content faster. What differentiates from some of the other AI writers is that it allows you to provide very clear context, like what are the main points you want to cover, what brand guidelines to follow, and so on.

Key features:

  • Data collection: Real-time data collection with Chat by

  • Content editor: In-line doc editor to edit and polish AI content

  • Prompts: Pre-built prompts to get quality outputs for things like blogs or AI generated bios

13. Narrato


Narrato is an AI-powered content workspace that lets you manage your entire content creation process in one place. At the core of Narrato is the powerful AI content creation and planning assistant that assists with AI content ideation ( topic /content ideas generator), AI content creation (for multiple use cases like blog posts, web and ad copy, emails, AI images and illustrations, video script outlines, product descriptions and many more), plus content planning and optimization.

Key features:

  • AI writing assistant with multiple use cases: Helps generate content for blogs, emails, web copy, product descriptions, press releases, emails, video scripts, etc.

  • SEO content brief generator: Builds content briefs in under a minute, offering keyword suggestions, most often asked questions about topics, references, and content structuring suggestions

  • AI topic generator: For brainstorming and ideation

13. Lately


Lately is an AI-powered content repurposing tool that can generate social media posts from blog posts, videos, and other long-form content. It is an AI tool built to speed up social media content creation.

Key features:

  • AI content writer: Generates social media posts from any content

  • Video clip generator: Generates bite-sized video clips for social from older, longer videos

  • Podcast clip generator: Generates short audio clips from podcasts to share on social

14. Synthesia


Synthesia is an AI-powered tool that can create videos from plain text in minutes. This AI content creation tool helps you create professional videos complete with narration and even an AI-generated human avatar. Synthesia is widely used for video creation in learning and development, sales enablement, marketing, and other areas.

Key features:

  • AI avatars: Professional human avatars as presenters in videos. Options of both stock avatars and custom avatars

  • Professional voiceovers: Voiceovers in 120+ languages, including closed captions

  • Pre-designed video templates: 55 pre-designed templates. Can build your own custom template as well

15. Murf


Murf is an AI voice generation platform that lets you create human-like voiceovers for your videos. It is used to generate voiceovers for e-learning videos, explainer videos, and more. All you have to do is enter your voiceover script in the dedicated fields on the platform, choose your preferred voice and accent, and render the video.

Key features:

  • Text-to-speech: Voiceover with realistic AI voices generated from text input. Supports 20 languages

  • Voice cloning: Generates an AI voice clone that mimics real human emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, and more

  • Voice-over video: Over 120 text-to-speech voices and 20 languages to create video voice-overs

16. Canva


Canva is by far one of the most popular no-code graphic design platforms that also offers AI image generation capabilities. The AI text-to-image generator on Canva lets you create custom images with simple text prompts to add to your designs.

Key features:

  • Text to image: Generates images from text descriptions

  • Various image styles: Choice of various art styles for rendering images

  • Image enhancement: Photo effects and filters to enhance images

17. Podcastle


Podcastle is an AI-powered audio generation platform that lets you convert your blog posts, articles, etc., into podcasts, audiobooks, and more. The platform offers high-quality audio and video recording. You can also enhance your audio with auto-leveling and AI-powered noise canceling.

Key features:

  • Recording studio: Seamless solo and group recordings without studio equipment

  • Audio editor: Online audio editor to create, edit, and enhance podcasts

  • Magic dust: Background noise removal and speech enhancement in a few clicks


yVCJWsQYnSE7GpJdH5Mrlu0KrQ0KlGJKz_wEcnvg_EM= is an AI presentation maker. The DesignerBot helps create presentation slides quickly and brainstorm ideas, while smart templates on the platform give content creators a headstart with their presentations. The adaptive designs automatically format the slides, so you don’t have to worry about resizing images or text to create the perfect presentation.

Key features:

  • Easy slide design: The DesignerBot makes slide designing easy and quick as slides adapt to your inputs

  • Slide templates: Template library and custom template builder for slides

  • AI content creation: Summarize text, change the tone, customize text, and more

19. AIContenfy


AIContenfy uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and machine learning (ML) models to generate content that is customized to a business's needs. The tool can create various types of content, including articles and blog posts. Users can specify their desired tone, style, and target audience, and the tool will generate content that matches these criteria.

Key features:

  • Efficient Scalability: AIContenfy excels in generating content at scale, enabling businesses to produce large volumes quickly and allocate resources to other operational areas.

  • Cost-Effective Content Creation: The tool proves economical compared to hiring human writers, providing significant savings in content creation costs for businesses.

  • Enhanced SEO Optimization: AIContenfy enhances businesses' SEO efforts by generating content rich in relevant keywords and phrases, leading to improved visibility and higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

20. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps content creators ensure that their content is optimized for search engines. The plugin provides the necessary tools to help you improve elements like meta descriptions and titles, meta keywords, readability, and content structure. The plugin uses a simple but powerful traffic light system that informs you whether your content meets the SEO requirements or not.

Key features:

  • **Automated XML Sitemap Creation:**Yoast SEO stands out with its automatic XML sitemap generation, facilitating enhanced search engine comprehension of your website's structure for improved content crawling and ranking.

  • **Real-time Content Analysis:**Yoast SEO's content analysis tool offers live evaluations of your content, pinpointing areas that require SEO enhancements such as keyword optimization and link building, ensuring your content aligns with top-notch search engine ranking standards.

21. Wordsmith


Wordsmith is an artificial intelligence tool that uses natural language generation (NLG) to produce human-like writing. It can process large amounts of data and turn them into insightful reports, articles, or summaries. Wordsmith can automatically generate stories based on data points, enabling users to deliver relevant and personalized content at scale.

Key features:

  • Localized Content Generation: Wordsmith excels in creating localized content, enabling companies to communicate effectively with a global audience in multiple languages, saving valuable time and resources.

  • User-Friendly Interface: With a non-technical user interface, Wordsmith empowers content creators to input data directly, allowing the tool's built-in algorithms to analyze and interpret information, facilitating the effortless production of tailored written reports and content.

22. Acrolinx


Acrolinx is an AI tool that fosters the development of high-quality, consistent, and error-free content. It provides guidance and recommendations to authors and content creators to ensure that their writings are in tune with company guidelines and writing style.

Key features:

  • Seamless Integration Technology: Acrolinx uniquely integrates with platforms like Microsoft Office, Adobe InCopy, and FrameMaker, allowing users to work in their native authoring environment while receiving real-time language validation and augmentation.

  • Focused Language Evaluation: Operating on tone, voice, and terminology, Acrolinx assesses language type, quality, and consistency, ensuring effective communication with a standardized approach to industry-specific jargon and company-specific terminology.

23. Acquisio


Acquisio is an AI-powered advertising platform that helps businesses create and manage their digital ad campaigns across different channels such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. The platform leverages machine learning algorithms to optimize ad campaigns and improve their performance over time.

Key features:

  • Automated Bid and Budget Management: Acquisio's standout feature is its bid and budget management system, automatically adjusting bids for each ad to meet performance goals.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics: The platform offers robust reporting and analytics features, enabling businesses to track the performance of ad campaigns and measure return on investment.

24. Zest


Zest is a free Chrome plug-in designed specifically for content marketers. It helps content marketers create high-quality content by providing them with the best industry insights. The tool provides a feed of new marketing content to users based on the topics they have added to their preferences.

Key features:

  • Efficient Topic Search: Zest enables users to swiftly search for specific topics, ensuring quick access to the information they need.

  • User-Friendly Content Curation Dashboard: With a purpose-designed, user-friendly dashboard, Zest empowers content marketers to effortlessly curate their own content, enhancing the efficiency of content curation processes.

25. InVideo


InVideo is a powerful video editing tool that can be used by everyone from YouTubers to brands looking to create content for online channels. Although many of the tools are pretty advanced, getting to grips with InVideo is straightforward. You don’t even need much in the way of content collateral to get started.

Key features:

  • Extensive Media Library: Gain access to a vast image and video library, providing an abundance of visual assets to enhance your content creation.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a seamless and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all users, from beginners to seasoned content creators.

Which option suits you the best?

We've compiled a list of the top 25 AI productivity tools. Which one aligns most with your needs? Currently, AFFiNE has released its stable version, but we are continuing to build to a more feature-rich and stable build.


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